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No way!

You’ll make them. And they’re terrible. 

You just can’t escape committing these errors. And they’re reasons why blogging is hard for you. As I reveal them to you now, you’ll often remember how deadly they are, and you can adjust.

Because they’ll always gobble up the fruits of your labour online. 

Amateur blogging errors are ticks that can drain up your Content Marketing’s blood. And being an amateur blogger, you just must suffer for implications attached to these mistakes.

Hands down, these mistakes are as disgusting as a smelly rotten rat. 

A honest instance of amateur blogging? Writing more often than promoting what you write. Yes! that’s exactly as fruitless as frying Apple. 

Carefully study these terrible errors and guide against them. I’ve been in this shoe before and I felt its burning heat.

Yet, when you adjust through this honest guide, you’ll rapidly carve a platter of gold for yourself online, easily. 

19 Terrible Mistakes Amateur Blogs Make That You Must Be Aware of

Amateurish Blog

Grammatical Errors

Let me quickly tell you a terrible story. 

Nigeria is popular for her Nairaland platform. I promote my contents there. Nairaland is a multi-niche online forum visited by tens of thousands visitors per day.

And most of my submitted guestposts appear at the front page. So, in few hours, about 40,000 or thereabouts would’ve read my content. 

So, one day, I submitted a post on how bloggers can improve their writing skills to captivate readers’ attentions more.

From nowhere, the first comment was corrections to my grammatical errors. Sounds ridiculous? 

Although, this didn’t destroy my reputation. But I felt like sinking into the ground below me right there at that moment. Because I couldn’t edit the already live content. What if I’d attached products for sale with that content? I’d have lost thousands. 

In short, your free content you’re uploading weekly or daily isn’t free. You’re buying their trust, and the quality of service you deliver to them determines your future.

I have role models in SEO who use “am” instead of “I’m” or better still “I am”. They can’t differentiate. 

Ever since that Nairaland incidence, I had to review my contents for about ten times. Ever wondered why publishing a book takes several stages? 

Do you know, that the moment you stopped writing a blog post is the starting point of work? Yes. Because it’s a raw gold you’d need to begin process on.

Most times, your content is bland, you’d need to delete useless phrases and words.

Apart from punctuation errors, you’ll make spelling mistakes. Every time I get gigs from clients, they advise me to use Grammarly to edit my contents.

Amateur bloggers are affected by this terrible thing and they might not be lucky as I was – to be publicly embarrassed. My blessing in disguise. 

Dying Hard for Search Engine Optimization

SEO effects take time. You know. 

Most newbie bloggers exhaust massive data subscriptions learning SEO. I don’t discourage this, because I, being an amateur blogger then, as a result, learnt the popular On-page and even Off-page optimizations.

Yet, I regretted not dedicating my time to building audience’s trust from established blogs through guestposts. 

Your domain age and consistency are determining factors. Dwell on providing quality contents, then table them at where audiences are. 

Visitors refuse to visit you? Visit them at where they are. Publish your contents there. Build trust from several established forums, websites and platforms. 

SEO isn’t really as important as getting yourself authority within the space of your desired audiences. 

Nonetheless, SEO is important. But dedicating more than half of your focus on SEO won’t yield as you expect. Because it’s like taking medications into an empty stomach. 

Improper Niching

Narrowing down your niche is important on your road to success. Because blogging isn’t how it used to be.

Some amateur bloggers can’t tell what their niche is. They only publish anything relating to a broad subject. 

To manage a multi-niche blog these days successfully, you’ll spend a lot of money.

A proper niche specifies your visitor’s interest which should be one.

Recently, an SEO guru informed me, about how cool a multi-niche can be, in as much you continue to narrow it down as time goes on. 

Bloggers who are afraid of less traffic go for multi-niche. If that is the case, you can start with a broad niche, and then narrow it down as time goes on. Or else, the traffic you are craving might end up not fruitful.

Gaining multi-niche traffic can cause adverse effects on SEO by increasing Bounce Rate. In fact, there are times you’d want to sell products. 

Those visitors are of different interest, and you’d probably lose. 

Make-Money Mentality 

I can remember when I almost collapsed when Google banned my Adsense account. I began hesitating to quit blogging. As if everything depends on Google Adsense. 

Forget about earning first. Focus on delivering solutions to questions on a wide, interesting and professional basis. Again, forget about earning first. 

It’ll take years before you make it online. You’ll have to give, give, give, before you ask. Most visitors, as rich as they could be prefer freebies. The more you peculiarize yourself as a giver who rarely demands, the more you amass your popularity. 

Gift ebooks freely; publish remarkable, relevant, helpful, top-notch and detailed contents regularly; offer help to freely design client’s websites. 

As time goes by, they’ll beg to pay you. At this time, no matter how high you charge, your audience will be more than glad to buy anything from you. Because they’ve trusted you. 

But, be very careful. Limit the way you give out freely. Ensure that your services don’t lose value. It’s business. 

Amateur bloggers are always after Google Adsense, like I decided to sell off my blog due to Adsense ban. That’s a ridiculous mistake I’d have made. If not for a consistency spirit that kept pushing me. 

Amateurish Blog Design 

Your blog’s design is the first appearance every of your visitors notices. They’ll judge your seriousness through this. This first impression will last longer such that, it’ll determine how serious they’ll respect every other thing you offer to them, either freely or not. 

Amateurs rarely consider this. The theme of your blog is like the garment you wear your blog. Themes are free or premium. Premium themes which you’d pay for has better quality, support benefits and lots more compare with free themes. Some free themes as well offer 24/7 support. 

You can hire a web designer to customize your website to suite your preference. What is most important is the pageload speed. An amateurish blog can take a decade to load due to various factors. In designing your blog, audience’s interest must be put to mind. 

The first glance that lands before any visitor converts best than any other part of your blog. The first glance should either be the topic of a relevant article; the brief “About” or even email subscription box. 

Amateurs may not understand between Desktop view and Mobile view. Google however gives premise to Mobile-Friendliness than the Desktop. Because everyone uses the mobile phone most. 

Non-self Hosting 

I’ll be honest. 

You have to try the non-self hosting if you are totally new to the blogging system – for practise. Because you’ll fail first.

So, to reduce your expenses, you can experiment with platforms that won’t bill you for hosting. E. g. WordPress.com; Blogger.com are non-self hosting platforms. But they can shut your website at any time. 

Amateur bloggers may be stingy to purchase domain and hosting. Meanwhile, it doesn’t pay. You’ll spend more than enough if you want the functions of the Self-hosted blogs in the Non-Self.

You just won’t have an independent control over anything on your blog with non-self hosting. 

Improper Planning 

I’ve come to realize that you can’t be serious in your blogging career when you don’t set goals. You’ll keep on procrastinating the mandatory tasks.

When you draft a plan on how you’ll publish contents, maybe twice a week; and then promote, you’ll find dreams coming true. 

The honeymoon joy stage that prides you as a blogger will dominate your plans to relax your nerves and expect lucrative traffic.

You’ll not do things when you don’t write and scheme out how to figure out these tasks. 

For example, researching searched keywords in your niche to ascertain blog post ideas could be for Monday alone; Tuesday could be for writing those articles and researching on stats, links, images and other resources that back up your write up; Wednesday for publishing and Onpage optimization. Thursday, Friday and parts of Saturday for promoting that content. 

Amateur bloggers don’t plan. They publish at anytime they feel like. This wouldn’t only affect the traffic, but also make him unprofessional. 

Taking Blogging as a Hobby and Not as Business 

It’s fine. That’s if you don’t plan monetizing. Because your potential customers would suspect this. Business is different from fun.

Although you can do business by what’s fun. But taking blogging as a hobby makes your actions unchallengeable, and when you don’t challenge yourself, you’re still an amateur blogger, since you’re after monetizing. 

As a hobby, you won’t dedicate equal efforts to blogging as you’d do on a side job a boss offers you. 

When you plan to monetize, it’s better you design specific and strict rules you must abide by regularly. And the watchword of your constitution must be consistency. 

You enjoy your hobby at anytime carelessly. If you really want a career from blogging, you must check yourself carefully to abide by working principles and tools with steadfastness. 

Yet, building a career in your hobby is amazing, and the best option to ever take. 


I’ve been lazy. In fact, I still struggle with some laziness traits. Maybe that’s why my success in blogging took so long. As much as there’s about 1 billion blogs out there, you can still rank. 

Chunks of your competitors are lazy, but they’re smarter than you are, because they’ve experienced more.

To engage this chance, you have to double up your efforts. When you fill there loopholes, you’ll scale through. 

Amateurish bloggers wouldn’t want to research deeply what a topic entails.

Blog visitors would easily detect this. Google bots crawl contents, and decipher which is most detailed, remarkable and helpful. Such contents are preferentially ranked. 

Unnecessary Murmuring, Due to Un-needed Depression

Some folks spread the term “blogging is dead” over the places due to depression. They are performing tasks and nothing is yielding. Because they’re doing what don’t work anymore. 

This set of amateur bloggers write everyday. They write contents, publish them and then stuff them with keywords.

They’d sit back and expect traffic influx. As at now, Google regularly updates its algorithm, and any blogger who refuses to follow up with working principles would lag. 

Lamentations waste time. Time spent discouraging upcoming bloggers could be used to e-mail influencers.

I spoke with a blogger in August 2019 how far his online business he started years back was going.

He replied that blogging is no more lucrative. He said it’s meant for fun an hobby for whoever loves it, that there’s little or no money therein.

When I told him how many people Google alone refers to my blog every day, and how much they make, he got perplexed. 

He would have gone far, had he spent the time wasted ever since he believed this myth. 

Not considering Building Email List 

Over 70% of your visitors won’t return again, unless you give them the reason to. You’d give them the reasons to when you mail them.

Nobody wants to entrust you his mail without a purpose. In essence, you need to give a highly beneficial reason why I should submit my mail. 

Bloggers who are amateurish wouldn’t plan to collect emails of visitors, and the implication could be regretful. Because estimating thousands of visitors that visits your blog monthly, you could be losing a whole lot.

I read about how email marketing still performs best compared to other monetization protocols. 

Bad Promotional Strategies 

How do you promote your contents? 

Amateurs send generic email templates. No influencer who you want to help share your content will do.

Because he’s not new to the system. I receive direct mails from such people into my spam folder. To successfully get an influencer to take action, 

  • Mention his first name, because it’s his prettiest symbol;
  • Appreciate him for how he’s helped (give references);
  • Give him a sense of honour;
  • Don’t tell stories be short, precise and 100% real;
  • Then, do this differently for a hundred of them every month.

At least, 20% of them will take action. 

Some amateur bloggers send out spam comments, to build links. These are amateurish mistakes that impede rather than build your blog. 

On premium, you can waste your funds on Facebook by wrongly targeting your audience. 

Freebies Always 

You won’t grow your blog when you are scared to spend. There are moments you’d have to buy relevant plugins. You’d need to pay for email marketing and the likes.

But due to the phobia of losing, an amateur blogger dresses back from spending. 

Do you know the implication? The blog won’t grow. There are times you’ll pay for courses that’ll help you win more.

Those influencers giving you free info know what they’re doing to keep intrinsic details they reserve for the time they’ll ask you to pay. And it might be impossible to access such life-changing information freely. 

Shallow Patience 

Jon Morrow told us. Before you can sit down and smile for steady revenue, you must’ve been consistent for at least four years. Blogging takes a while and we both know.

But mistakenly, some amateur bloggers believe in quick money making schemes. But blogging isn’t that way. 


You’re limited when you are distracted. That’s why I hammered on ‘Strict Planning’.

No matter what happens offline, dedicate at least 3-4 hours in a 24 hours to build your blog. Amateur bloggers allow distraction. 

Not Using The Social Media Outrightly 

Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and the likes are gems. They contain the people you are looking for.

You only have to target them appropriately. This is where amateurs in blogging get things wrong. 

Some amateurs in blogging don’t even leverage social media at all, let alone of spending to market.

Although, it’s pertinent we don’t depend on these platforms. Because we’re restricted to certain non-benefitial algorithm updates.

Yet, they are grounds where you can visit the visitors who refuse to visit you. 

Writing More Than Promoting 

If you write once per week, promote each content thrice per week. Don’t write more than you promote. Yes, this is how it works.

This write, write, write and promote doesn’t yield any longer. 

You’ll discover more opportunities to get informed, and then get to research the more to arrive a well-detailed content – when you increase the rate at which you promote. It won’t affect your traffic negatively.

Irremarkable Contents

As a blogger, your task is to ensure that each of your content defeats every other of its kind – out there.

When you dedicate time and energy to research on what others have said about any topic in question, 

  • you’ll be able to gather those points together; 
  • delete obsolete points;
  • add your own ideas;
  • upload videos(if there are) and images;
  • include authorities;
  • then, include stats and infographics.

By this, your content becomes remarkable, top-notch and well detailed. This model would beat every other existed out there. 

Not Taking Required Actions 

Amateur blogging is a model you operate, whereby you know what’s working, but you refuse to take actions.

It could be due to laziness, lackadaisical approach towards blogging or any other excuse you can give.

For instance, Darren Rowse, the CEO of Problogger complained about this. In his online courses, there’s a challenge you’d have to go through mandatorily.

These actions are content marketing techniques that you know but probably ain’t taking. 

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No matter how ugly I’ve written, do me a favour to share with your people. Tap on that floating blue button.

Some of them need to see this. I’ll conclude that I myself have been amateurish and I share this from what I’ve experienced. 

You were also an amateur blogger. Yet, either any amateur or professional, what works now, which I’ve covered is what will continue to be working.

Don’t waste your minutes of reading this by not taking action. See you in Ideaflavour later in the week. 


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