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When it comes to the best online writing tool, the rivalry is steadily rising fiercely.

We have heard it all times that “content is king”. Meanwhile, a good content is what brings results.

Again, a treasure we don’t pay much attention to is how we’re supposed to craft these excellent contents.

If you fear staring at a blank screen and worry about thinking up something ground-breakingly extraordinary, do not worry. You are not alone.

If you’d like to generate better content quicker, these programs, sites, and applications programs can turn into a clean screen to some creative bonfire.

Let’s have a look at these tools!

best online writing tool

1. Wordcounter

Wordcounter as a best online writing software

Wordcounter helps you identify too used words in your writing.

More than only a simple word counter, this online agency can allow you to spot overused words in your writing, even down to the tiniest”ifs,” and,” and”buts,” in case you would like it to be detailed. And a bonus, even if you are writing with a slant toward SEO, you may even utilize the Wordcounter to monitor the number of keywords in a file.


2. Cliché Finder

Clichefinder | best online writing app

If you are at your wit’s end with clichés, you do not need to return to the drawing board. You have to inspect it using Cliché Finder. This excellent tool will detect and discover hidden clichés in your writing — phrases that were used up to now by many people that they have lost their initial punch.


3. Creativity Portal’s Imagination Immediate

Creativity Portal's Imagination Immediate writing tool

The creativity prompt is filled with ideas for your next blog post or post.

Should you despise the blogger’s block, then the Imagination Prompt will help provide you a straightforward writing prompt to get you started. Prompts can be as straightforward as”What is truth?” To as complicated as”Tomorrow, I’ll do it …here is how.”

You might also add to those drives by providing them your spin, for example, “What’s truth in advertising?” Or”What Happens Your Merchandise aside from the Crowd?”

4. Unstuck App

unstuck app

Unstuck lives up to its title by mixing over 50 hints and almost a dozen programs to assist you”live every day.”

Unstuck promotes itself within a program for”on-demand coaching when you want it.” It gives mind maps, to-do lists, and other tools to break things down into manageable chunks.

Stuck moments could be anything from “I wish to fix my relationship with my father” to”if I return to work or not?” to “How can I get my 12-year-old to eat healthily?”

Unstuck is developed on the principle that all you want to achieve a solution would be to allow everything out, clear your mind, and make a viable plan with workable objectives.

For composing, Unstuck will help you describe the objective of your essay or article and discover your writing groove by producing different landmarks that coordinate what you would like to convey while assisting you to avoid going off on a tangent.


5. Zen Writer

Zen Writer tool for freelancers

Zen Writer embraces the ease of writing — without the distractions.

Zen Writer is an application program under $10 that reduces distractions (for example, checking your email or Facebook) by surrounding your display’s whole width and height, making you dedicate it solely to composing.

Therapeutic audio and natural scene display from the background (that clarifies why the program’s 60+ MB dimensions ) and all of the excess things you may expect to find at a composing program — like formatting, headings, and tables — are stripped off, so it’s only you and your own words.

6. Byword

Compose a record on Your Computer, then complete it on your iPad

Byword is a fantastic program available on both the Windows and Mac App shops, which allows you to compose something (whether it is a brand new chapter, a blog article, or any written articles ) on a single device and discuss it with other people.

It is possible to export your writing to HTML, PDF, and rich text, and also, the system syncs with iCloud and Dropbox. This is a superb way to write down ideas, new subject thoughts, or creative inspirations as they occur, then follow them up afterward.

7. Readability

Readability simplifies and simplifies webpages for more comfortable reading when stripping out the mess.

Readability isn’t too much a writing program since it’s reading yet. It eliminates all of the clutter out of web pages, providing you a comfortable, easy-to-read document that you can save to read later in your iPhone, iPad, or Android apparatus.

Having a fresh, uncluttered perspective, it is possible to eventually get to reading those posts and articles you stored for later. Readability can be available as an extension for Firefox.


8. StayFocusd

StayFocusd Permits You to restrict the time you invest in deflecting Sites and online games.

True to its title, Stayfocusd is a Google Chrome program that allows you to restrict the time spent on time-sapping sites.

It is incredibly customizable so that you can temporarily block entire sites, subdomains, as well as in-page content such as videos and games.

You may even select how much time to block them out, so if you absolutely, positively need to water your crops on Farmville, you can certainly do it within one hour.

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9. Synchroedit

Synchroedit is a collaborative writing program that allows multiple users in different places to work concurrently on Precisely the Same record.

Ever wish you and your coworkers could work on precisely the same document without passing around different variations or unintentionally overwriting another’s work? With Synchroedit, you can.

This multiuser editor allows multiple users to edit the same document at precisely the same time, online.

Since Synchroedit is completely WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get), you can use ordinary formatting styles, including bold, italics, indents, and listing styles.

What are your favorite online writing tool?

Do you have a writing tool you can’t live without?





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