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Black friday marketing tips

A fantastic opportunity for you to attract breakthrough is this moment of Black Friday. It comes once annually. It’s not yet late for you to apply this avenue if you do either online or offline.

Believe me, no matter how the competition heats, you’d experience an awesome revenue and growth.

Do know that Black Friday is the day after American Thanksgiving which marks the start to the holiday shopping season for consumers.

Due to that, retailers heavily promote their stores by marking down prices to entice frenzied shoppers from buying products from their stores.

As a result, the founding factor of a one day event spiraled into a four-day shopping event ending on Cyber Monday.

Cyber Monday is actually the same type of event falling on the Monday after Black Friday. So, the sales are catered for online buyers on that subsequent Monday .

Remember, prices would go down for these four-day weekend. Retailers choose different forms of Black Friday deals for each of these four days. For instance, a fashion entrepreneur may have 91% off everything on Black Friday, purchase one, get one free on Saturday, 30% off online purchases on Monday.

Then, there’s no given format to how the discounting works. Retailers have the freedom to set their Black Friday deals anyway they’d like to better entice purchases.

And this is why you can implement either your savings or even get loans to employ this opportunity which comes only but once annually.

I’ll tell you 9 crazy Black Friday marketing tips that will skyrocket your sales now and forever if you can apply them well.

Kindly add your marketing tips pertaining to this topic, what you think should work, what works best for you and the idea you deem not to apply through your experience. Let’s have some fun again on Ideaflavour today.


Plan and Document



Black friday marketing tips


Have you also seen a building plan before? Yes sure! Remember the last one you saw. And would you also  ever wonder why estate planners  hire architects? Yes. You know if contractors don’t plan, there won’t be a formula that guides the eventual construction – which means the builders will fail.

If you consider Black Friday chance, you gotta note down some plans.

  • How much expenses you’ll run, how you’ll encourage and set your employees on the readiness,
  • how the online and offline tools will go, (banners, flyers, ads etc.),
  • how much your estimate your customers will increase to and every other thing you’re gonna use to harness this chance.

You need to be extra sensitive to what your top competitors do, plan how to dominate the market. Have a short meeting with your employees and get ideas from them. Sieve the ideas, then, apply to your business plan.

Well, you want a radical success from Black Friday chance, and you would need a website which must have a landing page, specifically for Black Friday sales. It’s what you can do in a typical of 30 minutes. I can help you create a landing page for free. Plan all these down in a spreadsheet or book. Really a great marketing tip.


Lavish Ads

Black friday marketing ideas for entrepreneurs

You must know or remember that you can only be wealthy if you can target the starving crowd. These are millions passionate to pay you for a service they starve for. A great marketing tip to acquire wealth is targeting these hungry crowd.

A great example for starving crowd is the current trending Black Friday.

Even using a mobile phone to explore, see how millions search for Black Friday in currently below according to Google Trends as at today

Black friday marketing tips for entrepreneurs

Make sure you spend a lot on these top Black Friday crowd locator. I researched and gathered top crowd locator for skyrocketing your sales.

  • Search Engine Ads

Now, If you search on Google “Black Friday” , you’d see some tags of ads on some result in the first page. Companies paid Google for it.

Those companies paid for it to attract specified thousands or millions of customers. It’s what you can do also. There’s no how you’ll not attract them if you run some Google Adwords. It’s very easy to do.

You may also employ the advantage of other top search engines like Bing. And you won’t regret it.
  • Facebook or other Social Media
A 2015 research shows that there were a 3.8 million social posts mentioning Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.

Black friday marketing tips for entrepreneurs

This is an awesome amount of online shoppers to ignore. Big advertisers’ integrated marketing campaigns will be seen and heard on all media, and local businesses will allocate funds to promote their Black Friday deals.

Automatically, your intended audience will be exposed to several thousand marketing messages every single day leading up to Black Friday, so you will need your last-minute marketing efforts to stand out from the clutter and be price-driven.

Hundreds of millions daily log on to their Facebook accounts and Facebook would always display to them some ads.

Well, if I may tell you, don’t be yet happy if you have lots of Facebook Page fans. Facebook Algorithm keeps updating and as at now, only 10% of your fans would see your ads.

But, the good news is that everyone you target will be exposed to your business of you run ads. And they will surely patronize your company for this marketing tip. Because they are currently expecting mind-blowing black friday deals as at the moment.

And Facebook has that strategy to target your customer who wants your product. I’m telling you. I still wonder how Facebook brings sponsored blog posts about how to improve my blog. I don’t see the ads I hate on Fb.

You do need two pages for this to work:

  1. Create a Facebook account and create a page;
  2. Create your website if you don’t have one and get set your site’s landing Black Friday page ;

Consequently, going online fully is unavoidable in this case. You would need a great traffic set website. This is determined by an estimate called ‘bandwidth’. Ensure you choose a nice hosting that would not create a problem when your potential customers land your website page, from Facebook or other social media networks.

  • As I said, Twitter is another platform daily logged on by millions;
  • Instagram;
  • Quora;
  • LinkedIn; etc.

Recommendations for Lavishing Ads

  • Be sensitive of time.
  • Be fast and accurate;
  • Reply all comments;
  • Expose a short and attractive description of your promo;
  • End with a Call-to-Action (CTA)

Your call to action should be a frightening expression that instills fear and curiosity. That makes you exceptional with this great marketing tip.

A good example of a CTA is reminding them how they’ll need to wait for another 365 days after losing the awesome chance. Or how they’ll never see the chance again.

Launch a Contest

Humans tend to feel great dominating others. If you apply such psychology to your business, it skyrockets your sales and attracts new customers.

You might put it that the first 50 people to flood your landing page and order the product would get a sporadic 80% discount – maybe even lower than the normal Black Friday. This is a great marketing tip.

I can assure you, many hundreds/thousands that will visit your website, would stay there for long and further purchase your many of your normal Black Friday sales. Yes. With this marketing tip.

Believe me. Many has saved a lot of money for this Black Friday moment and are searching for where most appropriate to spend the money.

Think of any fun contest many would feel to go for. You may decide that anyone that the first person to grabs a common classy product would be given five more free products of similar category. Just for Black Friday contest.

Email Marketing

Hey! It will be an expensive error to ignore their e-mails. In fact, demand for their best emails. Let them log in with their best emails. And gather thousands of them. You will forever use the chance to promote your sales.
Custora stats show that 25.1% of sales during Black Friday  season originates from email marketing, and that ranks it the biggest skyrocket for Black Friday sales.
Also, according to Beeketing, one online retailer embarked on an email
marketing campaign which saw a 330% increase in revenue per email sent.

Nevertheless, if you have some email collections, don’t just publish emails like that. Group your list. These two strategies would help you in marketing your emails best:

  • Loyalty Strategy – this strategy is for those who rarely patronize your sales. With this marketing tip ensure to attract them with magnets like sporadic black friday discounts or certain freebies.

There are ways to distinguish which emails open your site pages, depending on the standard email marketing brands you use.

  • Persuasion strategy – this strategy is for your loyal customers who patronize your sales. Ensure to attract them with competitions, countdowns and limited offer with this marketing tip.


Promise Referral Commissions

Nielsen’s Consumer’s Trust in Advertising Reports rates that recommendations or referrals are one of the most trusted form of advertising. This means that majority of people heavily rely on someone else’s  opinions in deciding what to buy.

So, if you can promise referral commission or discount on each person referred through each links you’d generate them, you will dominate the market.

Countdown Timer

Employ the use of a countdown timer in your landing page for products and enjoy how the magic works. That alone instills exceptional consideration for your business by customers.


Employ More Hands

Don’t underestimate the stress you’ll need to go through. Although if not much stress, it will take a lots of time to achieve. You will need more workers to run these moderations for you to save time and energy. Section website designers, email consultants.

Notify With Pop-Ups

Have you ever seen a pop notification of a website? You can apply that technique. You will not only get much traffic. But more awareness to your sales.

  • The Offline Pop-UpI would recommend the Push-Engage plugin. Because they give you a free 2000 subscribers. Activate and design the plugin through dashboard, and improve you sales.

  • The Online Pop-Up: The chat pop-up is what you should still focus on. Position it at the bottom bar of your landing page for questions your customer to ask questions. From the more hands you employ, recruit some answering questions and emails. That will skyrocket your brand.

Offer Gift Promo With Their Purchase

Almost everyone loves freebies. Plan gift offers with your sales and see how it will skyrocket your brand figure.


Black Friday marketing tips and ideas are great tactics top companies use to generate more sales. You won’t be disappointed. Lick the honey when it lasts and use this rare chance.

Comment below if you have any crazy Black Friday marketing tips for entrepreneurs.


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