You wonder if this branding of a thing is even much relevant. Can brand even make much effect in improving your business?

You have this mind to apply branding as part of your plans. At least, to fulfill some righteousness they preach all about these days. Especially for bloggers and online marketers.

You decided to fulfill more righteousness, you picked few colors – maybe 2 colours you once loved. You chose a slogan and a brand domain/name. Voila! And That’s all.

No brother. Those are just the start of branding. If you want success as soon as possible.

The 5 major things you’d consider under brand build are:

  • Relevant Name/Domain
  • Slogan/Tagline
  • Colours
  • Logo
  • Promise

Are these 5 also even enough?

No brother! Those are just the start of brand build. If you want quick growth.

You might even not consider applying branding as that important, but you once heard or seen some experts implore entrepreneurs to brand. But is it really worth it I brand? Yes. In fact, extra-worthy.

You have seen or heard “branding will aid you focus and be consistent on your business purpose”. It does that magic.

To me, brand build is the most important to give attention to, in any business you venture into. Because it’s your business identity. It singles you out as peculiar and dynamic.

Brand build goes a very long way. And if you can guide against these mistakes, you’ll never regret it on your journey to make more money.

When you build your brand, you are doing a great job. But if your branding is inappropriate by these mistakes, the branding is more or less useless. Then what’s now the point of branding?

Inconsistency With Your “Branding Promise”

As a rule for your brand build, you approached a targeted customer either online or offline; You don’t reinforce what your business Promises. You constantly refer out from the scope of what you mainly offer.

Doing that won’t only make that listening or viewing customer bored, but also easily count you less with the crowd of your competitors.

You need to consistently reinforce what your customer will benefit from buying from you. Those services which solve his problems or make her dreams come true, which your business offers must be repeated uniformly.

When you are inconsistent with the purpose or the relevance of why you venture into the business, your business foundation would shake. That’s why branding well by consistently reinforcing what your listeners and viewers will benefit is important.

Referring To Yourself Too Much

When you’ve made it already in your line of focus, it’s cool that you be some figures of testimony. But your viewers and listeners are selfish. They only want what benefits for their stomachs and liveliness – which you must appreciate and settle them with.

Then, on a bid to amaze them you will though be successful with it but it could diminish your honesty. They’re humans who experienced some scams in one way or another with the same approach of a guru referring to himself.

It’s cool and even important you share your personal experiences. It even builds your credibility. But when you overdo, it overs the whole game.

You could just refer to fellow experts in your area of specialization, few of your own experiences and how their lives will turn better with your brand build.

Revealing “What” alone, And not “HOW” With It

Many see solutions to problems these days especially me. When I come across a brand. If I discover the brand doesn’t explain how the remedy works or how and why I’ll apply them, I disregard the credibility.

Yes. Because many of the same brand promise are plentiful. I assume it’s one kind of imitation from other colleagues. It doesn’t enforce credibility, peculiarity and reliability when you don’t clearly explain how your service helps.

Not Staying on a Focus

It’s not necessarily a niche. But there’s this way you’ll need to angle a defined focus. Your brand is seen as an invention such as the Apple iPhone or the Ink Pen.

For your business to be successful, people must see it as an invention by them observing it from an angle. A peculiar and new angle of elevation from your brand build.

Even if you would copy and divert, think and strategize out a fresh angle that is different and new from your competitors.

Poor Responses From Brand (Poor Customer Care)

You saw how marketers talk about of scheduling times to reply their emails. Right?

If you want a bonus to skyrocket your business, you must reply all relevant mails. You may hire helping hands here. It’s a brand build strategy

You must be set to receive questions. In fact, tell them to ask questions. For your brand to be singled out, be responsive to all quests.

Branding is a waste if your viewers or listeners don’t get responses to their demands.

Before you start providing your services either online or offline, book out how you’ll attend to questions and comments about your service. Let them be glad to speak with an iconic organization or person. That won’t make them feel special alone but also stick and remember your brand.

In conclusion,
Either amazed, or surprised, or afraid, or special, or relieved, or sad.

That feeling feed should now be a centre of focus from your brand. Let them not come across your brand only, but let them feel your brand, with these 5 factors that check branding mistakes.

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Godwin is a freelance SEO writer in the digital marketing space. He's Ideaflavour's MD and also an author for several brands including Entrepreneur Inc. As a freelance writer and a marketing consultant, several clients have testified on how they 30x their sales selling their digital products and services. Godwin has positioned dozens of online brands on the front page of Google.

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