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Coronavirus quarantine opportunities

Imagine, just one virus, locking up the entire universe!

Well, I’m bored inside, right now. Though, that shouldn’t affect my online work.

I’ll show you four success doorways this Coronavirus quarantine season opens for all writers.

Because opportunities like these four aren’t likely to show up when situations aren’t absurd like this.

Besides, when you activate these four opportunities 11 months after Covid-19’s trend, it wouldn’t be as huge as it’d expand you NOW.

And now that we only wake, clean up, eat and sleep, alone will only give the chance to earn almost nowhere, but online alone. Who knows when quarantine will be over?

Trust me, you, as a writer has more edge than any other person online. Because our line is digital, and we rule earth.

Not only that, if you’re a fiction writer too, you’re a content marketer. Because you can sell your content in digital to millions in less than 30 minutes. Content Marketing rules the world, now. Jeff Bezos will explain to you better.

Coronavirus opportunities

1. Carry Out an Outreach

I can bet it with you, the entire world is stagnant as I speak to you.

Everyone is compelled into a holiday, panicking and frightening about health insecurity.

As I speak now, everybody expects subsequent news on COVID, essentially. And everyone, including your freelance clients, is distracted by this plague. The good news? You stand the greatest chance to catch your clients’ attention better, NOW.

Outreach is a way of reaching out to someone of value. Someone that will fast-track our writing career.

It could even be a politician you’d reach out to. Or established website CEOs, fiction authors, and several others through email.. Make them feel you’re interested in working with them. And be sincere with it.

Create mind-blowing article headlines about Coronavirus, and see how you’ll win several gigs in the coming days.

In essence, reach out to several influential men or former clients who hired you. Connect and expand your wings.

But How? 

  • Create a softcopy spreadsheet or a hardcopy checklist of rows and columns.
  • Arrange in influencers/ former clients names, their emails and when you’ll reach out to them.
  • Create an emotional, enticing and soul-trapping template.
  • Tell a trusted friend what you’re about to do. This will affect your sub-consciousness to enforce on you discipline. You won’t want to eat back your words.
  • Launch the Outreach.

2. Start a Book

When is the better time to write a book?

Should I tell you how many chefs in the Writers’ Kitchen(Ideaflavour’s WhatsApp platform) confessed how their day-to-day activities/works affect their new year resolutions?

Don’t even wait for any inspiration. It may dissapoint you. Go meet the inspiration. Leave the congested atmosphere and be alone. Go to the beach or river. Approach what gives you the vibe to write.

Think on a new arrangement of a plot. Start. I started a prose-fiction on the 1st day of lock-down in Osun State, Nigeria, titled “How Do We Stop Him From Raping his Daddy“. I do hope to finish it before 30 days time.

Here is the time you may not have. Use it.

3. Start a Book Featuring a Disastrous Plague

You’ll drive massive sales. Over the years, the controller of what trends online drives in millions of dollars. Make it on Coronavirus.

Quarantine will last for three four months or thereafter, from now. Write a fiction on this trend. Open an Amazon Kindle Publishing account for it or upload it on your website.

Amazon Kindle will publish your digital content, such as pdf. In case you don’t have a website yet, create one (this link though shows you how to create a music blog, but still the same way to create any website).

Your potential buyers won’t buy from you when they don’t know you. That website will be a landing page for tracking who you are, for legal issues.

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Just write about an ugly virus prevalent.

You can start this, you are best in doing, NOW!

4. Run a Facebook Advertisement

We make enough money when we sell books. I’m not a fan of Facebook Ads. But how people will check Facebook in the United States, Germany England and several other countries places where COVID penetrated will be high.

Amaze them to look at a devastating story of how the earth collapsed. But rebirths through one woman survivor.

For instance, your sales copy(ads caption) for such could be:

Imagine, a lone female survivor restored the human race.

Just in two centuries, as she fought and survived a deadly virus that almost flung the human race into extinction”.

As the above idea may seem not logical enough, pardon me. But you can craft something similar… You’ll not regret it.

They’ll rush and buy. You may not go on Kindle Publishing this time around. You’re publishing a book. But you can sell the digital version from your newly created website if you don’t have one.

A Forbes expert, Daniel Marlin already mentioned 3 ways young professionals can combat loneliness when working from home. You wouldn’t want to miss that too.

Finally, as you make good use of this season, kindly click the buttons floating, to share this post with your family and friends on Facebook or Twitter; WhatsApp Chat/Status or LinkedIn. Whichever media platform. Because everyone is indoors and hoping to earn a living. We might also (through sharing) lift a hand that’ll lift us both, the more.

Godwin Oluponmile says “Stay Safe!”


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    Corona virus is more of an opportunity for writers/bloggers as they have no more eye-balls to write for 🙂

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