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5 Creative Thinking Skills That Will Get You to be More Creative in Business


Has it also happened to you before?

You’d feel empty and blank when you decide to update your fans. You doubted on how to ever be more creative (and even save money) !

Remember you’ll lose a lot of money-making opportunities if you’re less creative.

Your business would in fact exhaust you if you are less creative, because your competitors would overrule you. And collapse creeps in bit by bit.

Let me tell you. Uncreativity is indispensable. It’d be like you hit a wall. And how to serve your customers the more seem the end of the game.

It feels like inspiration has just evaporated. It’s due to the stresses you’ve been undergoing all these while… Just like a writer’s block.


You no more have problems when your customers get updated on the service you render. This is where you being creative comes in and very important.

But the good news is God created in you and me the ability to be creative. It’s easier when you discover yourself the more and more though.

Unfortunately, don’t expect to be that creative all the time you’ve scheduled to update your business. You need these approaches in attacking the discouragement and much spending that come from not being more creative. And these are as follows:

Relate With Promising Marketers in Your Niche

There’s no how you’d move with greater minds and you’ll be empty of what next to do. See, look at your environment. Check out who your friends are.

Unfortunately, the challenge of creativity you’re in is majorly caused by you. How would you and I be in business and not surround ourselves with other similar entrepreneurs at least if not getting a mentor.

And we’d later complain of running out of ideas to improve business.

From my experience so far on how to be more creative, you’ll never be creative if you don’t move with successful entrepreneurs.

Apart from the fact that they’ll point out the mistakes you’ll make, and avoid you to make them, they’ll expose you to opportunities they come across so that you can also key in. At worst, get a mentor.

Create a lot of Time to Sleep and Rest

You become a robot if you don’t rest. Robots are not creative. They follow a permanent program.

Humans ain’t robot. Humans can be more creative more than whatever you and I can imagine. You won’t be creative if you stock yourself with rules that discourage rest, sleep and enough relaxation.

You won’t harness that deep part of your reasoning if you relax less. Creativity doesn’t necessitate hard work, but smart work.

Creativity is soft, silent, perfume-like and always comes in form of inspiration. Just like a breeze. You gotta create a landing-place for this creativity. Landing place exists when you relax and rest well. Your energy would be revitalized and your vibes would increase.

Luckily, if you, the hardworking type can relax well, it’s amazing how this colours of beauty dances in and make you more customer creation and satisfaction, which equals more money.

Invest by sleep and rest.

Attend Conferences and Seminars

Most conferences are free. You’ll jot a lot of ideas great entrepreneurs have used to harness wealth. In fact, conferences will always skyrocket your thinking in one way or the other.

I can assure you that after you attend a conference centered around your niche, you’ll get a flow of new ideas and influx of self-made innovations, that which will make you more wealth and more customers.

Be sure that all conferences are majorly organised for entrepreneurs like you to serve your customers, visitors, listeners, viewers get better satisfaction.

That will make you ruminate or remember new protocols which have helped you and which can better your audiences’ lives.

Watch Movies 

Sometimes, I wonder why many think movies are just for entertainment purposes.
I write songs and some movies inspired many of my lyrics.

According to Justin Bieber, his “Never Say Never” track featuring Jaden Smith was inspired by The Karate Kid movie. Although, the music was released alongsides the making of the movie but it’s a kinda song that can be inspired from the movie.

When you watch business related movies, your confidence in creating more customers would be enhanced. That alone would make your head calculate and estimate where you could serve your customers better.

Apart from the moral aspects movies teach you and me, you’ll strengthen your smartness in managing money creatively. There’s no how you won’t remember now the hero of these epic business movies spent wisely and save more money. By that, I’m sure you’ll subconsciously imitate him.

Besides, things we learn through fun sticks more than things we learn in a formal way. If you’re affected emotionally with a lesson, you won’t only remember this lesson for long but also involuntarily apply them as skills. By that, there’s no how yu won’t be creative.

You and I become what we grow with. Your business would develop as time goes on if you can involve yourself in entrepreneurial funs because you’ll become more creative in your business.

Check out these business movies and be inspired to better creativity.


Daniel Ally is one of my personal finance role models and he recently spoke in TED.  According to him, one of “how to be a multi-billionaire in 3 years time” is the essence of “reading”.

You see, I’m making it one of the things I do every day for the past months now. I read. Let me confess to you. My entrepreneurial faculty has improved sporadically in managing my businesses.

If you read more books, you will never run out of ideas to make the lives of your customers better. Here am I today as a witness. I believe laziness that makes you Nd I feel we don’t have the time to read.

Before I started, it’s been a difficult change in habit. But what I noticed was, the rate at which I feel glad to inspire people to make more money increased. These ways which I applied and is fetching me money keeps revitalizing itself as I wake day-by-day.

To be more creative, you need to read and digest facts. Then mind the kinds book ls you buy. Ensure that you are sure on the reviews of these books before you buy them.

One of the best books that has been helping me make more money which I’ll read, and read a thousand more times the more and more is Why C Students work for A students Robert Kiyosaki. The hard copy version is with me here but they’re still the same if you can go for the ebook version.

Books make me remember why I started my business… See reading gets you fulfilled and joyous to make impacts in the society. That imagination of how your business will boom if you can concentrate and focus shows when you read books. And that gets you to be more creative.

Conclusion on how to be more creative

Entrepreneurship is like game. Just as Monopoly and the Cashflow board games.

If you can be more smart and creative, you’ll rule the world financially. In fact, being a billionaire requires you to be very creative.

These 5 flavours are suitable on ideas and essential if you want to make more and keep up your money in any investment you’re into. I don’t teach what hasn’t helped me.

Kindly share your thoughts on how to be more creative and opinions on the comments section. Share on the social media to help other people aspiring to make and keep up more money.

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