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Ecommerce website marketing strategy


Is ecommerce website marketing strategy really worth it for me?”

“Is it a must I have my small business website for what I do?” 

“What if I run my sales out here offline?” 

Let me remind you – you dreamt of getting connected with thousands of your customers right?

You shouldn’t wanna stay low-key, no matter how your hundreds of customers are, going global will still be a great option. What do you think?

Everyone is now online bro! You must have a small business website for yourself as an ecommerce website.

Lady! Everything online becomes easier day-by-day and millions are out there hungry for what you offer. A website opens you the door of several opportunities. It’s your ecommerce website.

If you are a blogger, you need to read this to know the opportunity you mustn’t lose. You know blogging is your business and you can make a massive revenue while promoting companies. Ecommerce website marketing strategy works for your small business website.

You see, what amazes me about several entrepreneurs is how they disregard the impact from online marketing.

If you’re very sensitive, the controllers of the larger share of the world income flow are based online. Look at companies like Amazon, Google.

Let me tell you, there’s that guarantee your business, irrespective of which, will take you to an height of the wealthiest if you can open the awareness to several millions who are out there on the world. They’re searching Google, Bing and the rest, for the solution to there problems.

A recent research reveals that 72% of customers research online before they purchase a service. Then you must be losing a lot if your products ain’t set online for these customers to see as tension calmer.

Here are the crucial reasons why you having a website/blog is a best option:

Your Potential Customers Expect it 

Ecommerce Website marketing strategy

A bit shocking to you? But I’ll tell you your current customers number is a little of multiples of thousands. If you really want more money, online campaign is the best bet.

According to a report, studies show that once a customer has an idea of what to buy, they start researching and 72% go online researching educational materials and reviews.

AMA discovered in a research with WP engine of Taylor Swift’s. After hers survey,

  • – 52% of respondents go directly to company’s website for branded contents and product info.

  • – 25% of respondents prefer to read branded content in a news article format and directly from the social media.

  • – 22% focus on the in the third party website sales.

  • – 8% research on all blogs there in.

If you’ll go in with this great chance, you’d need a website which will create a landing page for these potential customers.

Greater Credibility and Authenticity 

Ecommerce Website marketing strategy

If you consider going online with this ecommerce website marketing strategy, there’s no how customer’s trust scale wouldn’t increase. If you plan to skyrocket and enhance your business to a large scale, you must have an updated permanent online landing page that proves you know what you are doing.

Even if you’re already making millions in whatever you’re doing, there’s a higher chance you’ll skyrocket to billions if you can attach the added trust when potential customers see your business blog.

Another sweet thing on business blogging is that your customers would build you credibility, by telling others about you, and what you offer. And they’ll direct them to your website to go have a look.

Besides, you can ask happy customers glad to have you serve them to write you some remarks. I mean testimonials which even popular celebrities if served would write, you’ll post such testimonials on your homepage where everyone that visits would easily see.

You can see how a blog makes you very authentic and more credible?


Your Competitors Have Websites   

Ecommerce Website marketing strategy

I’ll tell you not to compete with any entrepreneur on ecommerce website marketing strategy. Rather plan on how to maximize what you have in your disposal to dominate the market with your large or small business website. It’s simple.

See, there’s no how you’ll dominate without going online and connect with the competition’s potential customers.

You may hire hands to help you out with the task. Well, I design websites for clients though. You may hire me. Or you may go on Fiverr to seek a trained web designer. It’s really simple to get a small business website.

More Than 2.4 Billion People Daily Go Online in Every 24 hours 

Ecommerce Website marketing strategy

Ranging from the social media to the search engines, I can vouch that these massive crowd inhabits hundreds of thousands of who seek your products.

Isn’t it so difficult to reach out them? 

Yes. It is but you can spend just a little to market. This cost of awareness won’t be up to half the revenue you’d get.

I suggest you run a Google ad words as an ecommerce website marketing strategy.

Among these 2.4 billions of people who daily search on Google , it’s sure there are thousands looking for websites which offer your products.

Besides, if you set up your own website and you collect their mails by giving out a free copy of sheet that’ll make their lives better, you’ll skyrocket.

Let me shock you. Last month, I received an iTunes gift card but I have no iTunes dealer to convert to money for me. I went on Google, and I saw an ad display.

I clicked through and it landed me to a website page where I was redirected to a WhatsApp business account. I purchased and I became a fan automatically.

You see the magic when you start this ecommerce website marketing strategy !

24/7 Service and Revenue

Ecommerce Website marketing strategy

You’ll schedule your time in attending to them. You may employ some robots to respond to chat pop-ups. In fact, if you’re ready for the real deal, try to employ some hands and provide a 24/7 service.

Better Communication With Customers 

Ecommerce Website marketing strategy

You improve your relationship with them if you go online, irrespective of your business. I tell you, customers won’t pay you if you disregard  questions they ask, and even questions they do not ask.

You communicate answers to the questions they have but don’t ask by regularly posting in your blog; You communicate answers to the questions they ask and still ask by replying their emails.

Easier Networking With Gurus

Ecommerce Website marketing strategy

You easily connect with experts in your industry if you go online. You’ll always be exposed to updates on what’s improving the market or what’s an havoc to the market.

Before you may easily make it up there, you need to relate with successful entrepreneurs in your field. These people will easily gossip with you on vital strategies to follow. It depends on which method of human relations you have with them.

Your Customer Support Made Easier and Better

 Ecommerce Website marketing strategy

If you can go online, you’ll easily determine the questions your customers have and find ways to make their lives better. Dwell more on this ecommerce marketing strategy.

You may consider listing out the frequently asked questions and see how you grow with your small business website.

It’s Simple to Operate

WordPress makes life so easier to that extent, you need little or zero knowledge to start a blog or website.

If you need a customized designer, you may hire designers for a one time payment.

You Control Your Brand by One Portfolio

Well, be sure to know that branding is very essential if you want effective management of dominating your market. But it’s more easier for you if you have a website to build your ecommerce marketing strategy.

Apart from the fact that your large or small business website gives a permanent online portfolio like Jumia, Konga, you’ll easily sort ways to utilize your means to expand and dominate the market. 


Conclusion (on ecommerce website marketing strategy) 

If you can start a small business website, you increase your chance to skyrocket whichever business you venture into.

These factors are enough testifiers that show you what you might be missing out of if you dont have a small business website yet.

Is there any observation? Kindly comment below.

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