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Why Facebook Ads is a Waste of Money

I understand the frustration behind your regular spending on Facebook. At least your brand should grow with going for these Ads.

But what if I tell you Facebook shouldn’t be considered? It doesn’t work as of before no more.

You’d cringe, panic and wonder if your next decision to market on Fb would really not be a waste of time. As they’d always tell you, entrepreneurship is a game of risk. You’re now  planning to take that risk or are you already in the risk?

But I tell you the risk to lose more money is on Facebook Ads.

Even though, you’ll generate few or even a handful of conversions but still, you can save more than half the money and spend on a better marketing strategy.

I know. In your privacy, you wondered if there ever could be a way to pay a hacker and hack Facebook company, market to millions of these Facebook peeps, then convert and be a billionaire.

But it’s high time you discovered that Facebook doesn’t worth it especially on Fb pages. In fact, if you hack Fb, the privilege doesn’t give your expected outcome due to the recent restructure on Facebook by Mark.

You could be spending a lot on Fb Ads or even in pages already. But what if I tell that you can market your blog or business more than that scope with lesser than half of the money you spend?

See, if you’re just starting up a business or blog, and haven’t yet started any ads, you need to realize these things. These reasons disqualify Fb as the major or next step to take, especially these days when thousands of your competitors apply this method.

Successfully Targeting Your Audience on Facebook 

Fine. Facebook allows you to signify which kind of audiences you want to target. But I can assure you that Facebook is working by the profiles of registered users.

Remember that when you wanted to register on Facebook, Fb asks for your hobbies, workplace, school, family, etc… These are tactics to gather billions of information. And which forms another basis for sections of audiences to target for advertisement.

What I’m driving at is many of these profiles are no more online for a long while. A statistics shows that the rate at which Facebook users drop is alarming. But Facebook would assume they’re targeted. They are ghost audiences which won’t click your Ads.

Besides, a research shew that Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest are the best alternative to running Fb Ads these days.

You’re Campaigning Wrongly  

For you to campaign effectively, you’d need a professional approach. What works and gas been working overtime. You need to target the right set of people. You don’t just target based on assumption.

For instance, your words on the Ads must be amazing to generate curiosity. Some Fb Users are terrible, if you don’t apply videos as part of your advertisement on Fb, your competitors who campaign on Fb will attract these terrible Fb users.

Unfortunately, most of these potential customers would assume you’re less reliable than the other advertisers.

Gone are the days when you can just release a campaign without a scrutiny vet.

Lesser Targeted Audiences Click on Fb Ads 

 According to statistics, the rate at which targets click to land on advertiser’s web page has reduced drastically.

Over 75% of Fb Users open Fb App to have fun and even when they see an Ad about their matter of concern, almost 50% of them click on the Ad.

You know why?

Your competitors are doing the same thing and when your audiences are overwhelmed by Fb, no audience will click something like what they clicked on yesterday by different advertiser.

We have millions of potential customers on Twitter and LinkedIn if you wanna try social media campaign.

Facebook is Expensive to Advertise on 

Facebook constantly changes these days in a way that won’t favour you and me. I’m talking of a way that mandates us to not expect reasonable conversions if we are not ready to spend 10s or 100s of thousands.

Another funny thing is that you’d have spent thousands without knowing. It’s after you go back and calculate how much you have spent you’d get to discover its not worth the cost.

Facebook Algorithm Sucks if You Won’t Lavish 

 Over 92% of companies use Fb for campaigns despite these and yet, to fulfill the law of risking. Even when they know tuning the height of risk is possible.

According to the new algorithm you can only access 5%-10% of your Fb page followers. The tragedy is that you would’ve bought an Fb page or even promoted your page to attract hundreds of thousands.

But the algorithm doesn’t care but rather mandates it that you spend the more. For instance, if you have a 200,000 followers on your Fb page, lesser than 20,000 followers would likely see any of your post on the page.
Now, another problem is rarely would you see the half of those 20,000 online as of the week you posted on the page you invested money to build for your business.


Facebook favours huge brands who can spend a lots on campaigns which draw in hundreds of thousands of likes.

Even, these big brands’ days on Facebook may be numbered as algorithms change and user figures drop.

If you have a small business or a blog, social media is an essential part of an online strategy.

Meanwhile, as your small business may be limited in resources, you need to make sure you focus your efforts to get the greatest ROI.

Now, that Facebook is not the platform for this. You, as a small business owner can do probably better by investing on social networks like LinkedIn and Twitter.

I hope you got a clear picture of this thing. Comment below if not cleared or you wanna add more on ways to save more money to make more money as an entrepreneur.

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