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Have you also been frustrated by a difficult customer before?  Client who refused to conform with your business’s terms?

Just like what recently happened to me, I’m sure you regretted having a deal with them. If you are just starting up a business, you need to see these.

What if I tell you such customers are great to have? Stats show most difficult customers generate more referrals than other loyal customers. You know why?

Most of them are extroverts. They’ll  always echo their ordeals with you around the environment where your business niche reflects.

You and I saw and heard that customers are always right. But there are indispensable limitations that shouldn’t make you and I be that dummy, who gave service all times, and refuses a pay so they would patronize him for long. Lol!

I’m sure you know most difficult customers are stingy. Fortunately, these proven ways will even make them want to pay you more.

Isn’t that great?

Matt Cliff tested these and testified to the science of converting your stingy and difficult customer’s mentality to pay well and even want to pay you more.

To be honest, I almost fought, the day a client refused to pay me fully as we agreed upon. But be calm! Because that would have been the worst decision for your business.

Always apply these professional skills and irrespective of your business type, your sales experience will convert especially when you have an issue with your customer.

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Never React Out Your Anger

Just like when my client changed mouth from what we agreed upon before. Let me tell you, if not for emotional intelligence I applied, I almost rebukes his presence on earth as he portrayed a wicked attitude of the devil.

After my several days of editing his project, he had that gut to handle me like a kid sent a bunch of hamburger!

Yes! As much as bubbles radiate your belies, try not to bully or claim you’re right no matter what. The reason is because:

  • it’s a culture that customer should always be right.
  • It’s what everyone believes and you must not be stubborn to be different.
  • It’s always on every customer’s consciousness that he’s always right.

So, on how to deal with difficult customers, whatever you’ll do to not breach the boundary of exploding that bomb in your stomach, do it. One of the available approach to such a deafening condition is to ask the customer a magic question: “what would you and I do now?” 

In fact, if you can overcome the temptation of not reacting, apart from the fact that your customer would feel at home, you’ll feel great and happy inside of you. It’s what works for me in winning clients from hell in my business.

What if I tell you, such question sticks the customer down and injects a guilt feeling deep inside of him/her?

For you to overcome the clients from hell, it’s a business growth idea for you not to react to upset or anger. Even when you and I get angry, let’s think as if we’re not angry. It’s called working through the mindset and not through emotion.
Can you get a clearer picture on how to deal with difficult customers?

Put Yourself in the Customer’s Shoes

It may sound strange. But! It will be so easy if you get into the thinking of such client from hell, put your self in his/her live position and tweak your own speech and body language in relativity to your customer’s psychology.

I’m telling you a sure-fire strategy of how to deal with difficult customers which makes a lot for me. It’s what makes you conscious of what next or how your customer will react. If you can put yourself in his/her shoes, you easily detect the reason behind the stinginess, talkativeness, wickedness, naughtiness or whichever hell such client might come from.

Assume the Presence of Other Customers

As much as there are tactics you use in engaging more customers, I recommend you know how to use them in oblivion.

For instance, when such client from hell starts his itch, immediately paint out the pictures of several of your customers as if they are present with both of you.

If you do that, an encouragement to easily build out your credibility comes in. In the course of the deal, you’ll subconsciously end up the customer felling desolate and guilty of hurting your business policies. That’s another magic in how to deal with difficult customers.

Perhaps, you might never promise other available entrepreneurs(competitors) but your customer would feel more sense of trust in your hypnotic discussion.

Suggest Various Ways to Save Money for Similar Services

This is another awesome strategy to make them happy to pay you and even wish to pay you more.

Say you’re a lady and you visit a salon. They approach you and get jovial with you after the service; and before you pay a social one of them suggests the latest affordable alternatives to what you’ve been applying to treat your hair. There’s no way how you may not bookmark the salon for the next time.

If you apply this particular trick on how to deal with difficult customers , you’ll not only cripple stingy clients from hell but also make difficult customers glad to pay you.

Introduce With the Price of Your Services and Concentrate Most on the Benefits

When you detect for sure that tag on someone as clients from hell, strategize how you’ll hammer out the price and reinforce the greater benefits of abiding by your principle.

Many customers are broke, frustrated, debtors, and you not exposing to them how serious you are for business might make them take you for granted involuntarily.

If you’re starting out a business, one if the major hitches is this: Getting services on credits may not pay you because you were not used to business before. What great marketers do is to introduce freebies and promos which fills the gap. A sure-fire “how to deal with difficult customers” is to hammer your price and benefits.

Narrate Summarily the Instances of Costumers Who Disappointed You

“Humans crave honour” as Sigmund Freud and Dale Carnegie would say. No matter how difficult or inconsiderate a customer can be, he would always be defensive against any embarrassment.

If you have a client from hell, at the course of service, before getting your pay, stylishly let him/her feel concern on how a customer disappointed you.

He/she will never want to do the same because of fear of embarrassment.

Express Your Passion for Your Business

This is like a kinda shout out to be proud of the kind of an entrepreneur you choose to be. Let your customer get jealous of you and see how your trust builds up above the sky.

Apart from the fact that clients from hell would have no option than to abide by your conditions, he/she would go out there and campaign about your expertise.

Be Humorous

Every thing shouldn’t be official. If you can make your difficult client feel fun, you’ll be surprising by the amazing results.

If you are the introvert who ain’t used with saying jokes and hums, you might decide to expose yourself a bit because it will be difficult to deal with a difficult client or clients from hell. This is another great tactic on “how to deal with difficult customers”

It’s not compulsory you go pro. But let the atmosphere make your client feel free to share thoughts with you.

Gossip on Popular Icons Who Use the Kinds of Your Services

Humans love to gossip through the entertainment niche and if you should consider diving into it under your own business niche. How celebrities rock your form of service will paint a wine atmosphere in the emotion of this difficult customer.


Due to various factors, any client might go gaga. But these skills are professional tweaks to unleash out their vibes. If you can apply these, you’ll win over the deal of any customer.

Let me tell you a great secret. Your customer can always be right, their choice can always be the best because of something. You want to know why? – So that your business will grow better than the rest.😉

Business executives that quoted “customers’ choice is the best” also weren’t fools. But they wouldn’t tell you that’s why. It’s a minor deception to help make you more money. But you can make more money if you use these professional skills.

If you want how to deal with difficult customers, apply these Ideaflavour principles and get over difficult clients – which are indispensable for great entrepreneurs like you.

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