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You want all the luxuries of this world, do you have something to pay in return?

Examination is a nightmare, you need some distinctions, can you do what those who excel in flying colors do?

There are no other ways of achieving your dreams other than to pay the price. How do you pay the price?

HOW Much are You Willing to Sacrifice? 1

You give life what it demands. How do you do that if you lack and unwilling to give life what it takes to succeed? If you do not have what life takes to excel, it’s interestingly impossible to give life what it takes to excel.

As a case of study, you intend to partake in a cooking contest, but you hate cooking Internship; you have no atom of knowledge about the art and act of cooking. How exactly do you plan on executing the exercise when you lack the ability?

Another scenario is when you’ve completed cooking IT. You have an expertise in the field, but funnily enough, you do not have what it takes to participate in the cooking contest, but aren’t you skilled? You might have taken an internship, but can you afford the contest registration fee? Do you have the required utensils since the organizers won’t be the ones to provide those?

Most importantly, are you confident of yourself that you can do it? Having what it takes to participate, provides the assurance that you’re capable of giving the competition what it takes. Capacity and affordability are two different terms; you may be capable without being able to afford little things.

Why don’t you reason the case of those who have all it takes to excel, but fear hinders them from achieving their goals? Imagine a science genius, who perhaps, isn’t confident of himself, summoned to build a car. You’ll agree, for a fearful one, he will hesitate.

Why the hesitation? Because he doubts himself and reasons what people may think of him if he can not unravel his talent and please their expectations.

On a lighter note, there is a big difference between having what it takes to succeed and willing to give out whatsoever it takes. Capacity and willingness are, of course, two different terms. The scientist is capable, but is he willing?

I cordially admonish whoever is reading this post to be willing to make sacrifices. Sacrifice in this regard implies, you never stop giving up! Reason like a battle-ready soul.

Do you know what a battle-ready soul is? He is one who flows against the tide and overcomes negative perceptions about a particular vision. He threads, where others fail and fear to thread. He is fearless! More to the point, he has what it takes and willing to give his all for his victory.


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