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How much do bloggers earn?

Last week Monday, I attended an International Relations lecture where a History lecturer stressed about earning a side income with the current global technology. Unfortunately, he stressed that bloggers earn a share from the internet data subscriptions’ fee a viewer visits their content with.
That’s wrong, though, it wasn’t his fault. Many carry this mythical fallacy everywhere that once you access the link, money already dropped into such content owner’s bank account.

Why You May Never Finish Writing Your Novel, Again

Just know, bloggers only earn when they provide a service, sell a product OR help someone to sell a product. And that’s all how they earn.
Do you know bloggers only make money when they sell a product OR help someone to sell a product? And that's all how they earn.Click To Tweet
See, forget about those WordPress.com sub-domains or free Blogger hosted subdomains. Those aren’t factual blogging I’m referring to now. I talk of you buying your own Top-Level-Domain name with a hosting plan.
Judges! before you judge bloggers, have you attempted that blogging at all?
If you’ve ever blogged, but it failed, we both understand you didn’t apply what works, which we know.
No, let’s be factual and stop deceiving people… I’m a blogger too, and I understand what’s up…
I know well how much bloggers make. I know how much I make.
You don’t have a blog yet? I wouldn’t urge you to try what didn’t benefit me.
Are you new to the knowledge of owning your own blog? And you are a writer? You need one.
How much bloggers earn
Wait, “how much do bloggers really earn?” was the first thing I woke up to as a WhatsApp chat yesterday, from a chef in the Writers’ Kitchen (our sub-section of IdeaFlavour where hundreds of writers unite to share minds and experiences).
And the first juice that rushed into my mind’s mug was to send him a screenshot of how much I make, from Google Adsense and Amazon Associates Affiliate Marketing.
But no. A breeze tickled my eyebrows, to pick a foreign card from other bloggers I’m little to behold their financial heights. And this detail is in the survey I found.
Because sincerely, I often see myself as someone with nothing. Yes. Call me a novice. I know nothing. I’m nothing. On a serious note, I don’t unveil my net online.

How Much Do Bloggers Really Make or Earn?

Every blogger won’t earn millions of dollars. But in the survey I told you I found, Darren Rowse surveyed 1,500 Problogger readers, That man owns Problogger.net. And those readers are majorly bloggers.
  • 10% of readers make nothing
  • 63% of them make $0.01 – $99 every 30 days.
Guess what!
  • 37% earn over $100 every month.
Can I wow you?
  • 13% of surveyed blog readers make at $100,000, every year. 4% of them earn over a million dollars.
You will make anything from blogging when you put your heart to it.
Also, blogging.org carried out another survey on 1000 bloggers. They were asked how they earn from blogging:
  • 81% don’t earn up to $100 from blogging
  • 9% testified it’s enough to sustain their personal lifestyle blogging 4-6 hours a day
  • 8% earn well to support even a family
  • 2% earned $150K+ blogging one to two hours a day.

How You Gain With a Blog

You’d Build Your Own Tribe

As a Writer, you need a tribe for your niche. Your tribe will beg to pay you when you do it the right way. Yes. You market content. Content is your product. And you are a content marketer.
A tribe isn’t just mere followership with different goals and aims. Your followership should be a group of people of the same interest for that one thing you are passionate about offering your society with.
As a content writer, you tailor this keen passion into writing plus a group, a tribe and several colleagues who is in the same card with you. That principle is a premium blogging strategy.
Your tribe will beg to pay you for your strangeness and uniqueness.
I published a blog post “How to Never be Broke Again”, years ago. That isn’t a common topic.
A friend, OlaOluwa approached me to guide against hypocrisy, due to that post. This isn’t hypocrisy. It’s a feasible Personal Finance principle that helps me till tomorrow. In blogging, when you publish a common topic(based on what you experience), your content will generate hundreds of shares and likes. You become known from that.
I’m just that Economist. I detest liabilities. So, I planned to build a tribe aiming at Personal Finance. But, weighing my SWOT analysis, I discovered that isn’t my purpose line.
Until I realised how several upcoming writers gave several thanks for how I guided them in marketing their contents, books or anything writing-based breakthrough. I as a result adjusted the tribe I built.

You’ll Win More Clients With a Blog

I gain stronger trust with my Upwork clients when I show them my blog. I once lost a terrible client. If not for this blog’s url I sent him, so that he might have a view on how I write.

You Don’t Have an Independent Say, Without Your Independent Platform

You do not own Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and the rest. Algorithms give orders to you to obey. You can do nothing about that, and it’ll become costlier to manage.
Why not get your own digital platform too? It baffles me why Mark Zuckerberg so much complicated Facebook.com’s algorithm, such that only lesser than 10% of your page followers can see your post.
Yes. can do nothing about that. Neither can you. Because you’re not the owner.
Why not get your own digital platform?


Everything is turning digital, asides from knowing how much bloggers earn. We all know.
Who knows tomorrow?
You need an online publicity for your writings.
Your website will be a landing site for building your career. Those thousands you dreamt following you will easily get in touch with you online, with your independent platform.
You can become a billionaire, overnight, through a small trend of your content. You know.
We can build a self-hosted WordPress blog for you, free of charge. You’ll pay for the hosting and domain name. Buzz us through the contact page.

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  2. That lecturer couldn’t be more wrong. I know a few bloggers that are making a killing with their blogs.

    It is possible to make so much from blogging, you don’t even think about another source of income.

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