How to Bill Your Client and Make Him Beg to Pay More

Have you ever experienced this?

You messaged him, and boom! “how much will this cost?”

No detailed description about what he wants. No analysis about what he expects.

Don’t fall into that trap.

Clients are blind to what you’re worth.

And you must show how your million-dollar pay will build them billions of assets.

Or you think he’s concerned about paying you? Rara o!

He only wants to spend wisely, and solve his wahala.

And that is where you must work on before mentioning any price. Beeni! Enchant his aspirations. Polish his dreams. Empathize with him.

Wait! I won’t go there yet.

Flashback to your last freelance client. How did you bill him? Be sincere!

See ehn, those budget prices you see on job descriptions are only determiners. No fee is static.

How to bill your clients

In July, I came across a Dubai client on Upwork. He tagged his description with $35 each for ten 800 worded contents.

When I finished with him during our first convo, he promised a $15 additional bonus for each content – $50 each.

Emmanuel Asika, a Fiverr expert and other bloggers in Adscreed, can testify to this. This guy used Skype and phone calls.

See, I know $50 is low pay. I only used that as an example.

I never mentioned a price. He did. Because the keyword research terminologies and SEO revelations I exposed dazzled him.

I focused on his dreams and aspirations rather than answer the pricing question.

I raised his hope for success, without diving into pricing.

I showed him companies I’ve helped to rank higher on Google, without reminding him he’ll need to pay.

I became friendly, slightly funny, and firm, with suggestions that’ll scale his contents through success.

And you know what? They can’t forget that they’ll pay you.

You pretend that you don’t need his money. And see how the magic works.

But today in Idea Flavour, the flavour on our both pricing is in two stages. I mean, before you bill him, consider two most important factors:

  1. Know him
  2. Show him


1. Know Him

You only need his name and location. Google is my friend.

Jokes apart, those clients, research on them. Understand their financial stance.

You know why? Some clients are crazy. They’ll force you to mention a price. Is it by force? Maybe o!

Before that, get rid of his payment ability. You’ll find him on LinkedIn, if not Facebook. Know what he does.

I have my secret way of milking out their details. Yes, no matter how tough.

Just be professionally irresistible. After you got a good hypothesis, mention a proportionate price.

But, don’t, without the below:

2. Show Him

As I showed you, please, don’t bill him without that 1000x benefit he’ll enjoy from paying that.

As nobody is foolish, show him how and why. No proof?

Get a skill.

Buy courses.

Get certified.

Launch your blog.

Be on that front page of Google.


Any of the above proof frameworks won’t cost you more than three months to build.

Then, you can enjoy a living writing, EVEN IF YOU ARE A NEWBIE!

You need to show them your uniqueness and killer abilities.

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Bottom Line

Billing your client professionally IS overwhelming.

But the only way to move ahead is to improve your strategy with these.

Enrich how you tackle problems. Dazzle your expertise. I invest in places where I can get life-changing information.

Follow blogs and platforms loaded with values that matter to you.

Information can radiate your entire generation.

Keep moving ahead.

Step by step.

We’ll get there!


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