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How to Turn Your Hobby Into a Million Dollar Investment
Time is running fast!

You have to be a strong influence who controls money in your society – soonest. Well, I have been able to turn my businesses into the subject of this topic – doing what I love. You know what that means. I also wish you a same to leverage every deposit of gift you are given, into a passive income.

If you have started, you may learn more and I guarantee you’d increase your ability of making more money work for you. You only need popularity. 

They’ve always been saying boring stuffs that you should discover yourself… Stuffs like… your purpose in life; your talents, gifts; your potentials and skills. These stuffs seem motivational, meaningful but hard. In short, they’ve just been tell you what but not really how to.

But I tell you that you are already doing these things. Anything you like doing is your potential. Wait! Don’t tell me you don’t have any talent.

How to Discover Who You are – and Make Millions From  

What are the things you do most when you are free at night or weekends?

What do you do most in beach or at relaxation places?

What do your friends tag you for? What do they call you or specialize you for?

You know you are peculiar at a particular thing different from your habit… Stuffs like being an expert at chasing girls, being an expert at sleeping with girls, talking like a parrot, being a rough tout, preaching, cooking, burning for God, chatting on the media…

I’m not talking about habits. If you’ve got the wrong habits, go seek counsel. I talk about what you know you are talented at doing and can help somebody happy doing better.

Anything in this life that you do very well and find fun doing either positive or negative can be turned into positivity and still make you an everlasting stream of income. They are called gifts.

Besides you can only make millions from these abilities if you can be positive and solve from the 3 major problems of the society.

Before I start with the 3 major lucrative problems facing the society, which you should choose from, take your time and write your weird or gentle abilities. Ask your true friends to help you out – to tell you who they know you for. Make sure you are serious.


How to be Positive With Whatever You’ve Discovered
If you want the passive income stream doing your abilities, you must be positive. Making money requires that you solve one of the below problems. People give you money because of the solution value you give to one of these problems.

You become positive (by these 3 DETERMINANT PRINCIPLES) 
1. When you research and ensure you are not adding to more problems to the society.
2. When you learn more, prune your skills by being mentored, self education, online and offline training etc.. Which must not stop.
3. When you strategize how to impact them solutions with one of these 3 problems below:

Choose From These Three Problems Facing the Society (to be positive) 

1. “Help” problem 
2. “Inspire” problem 
3. “Entertain” problem 

See! I’ve spent decades on earth and it’ll be illogical for anyone to argue with us those 3 most sought keyword quests by humanity. Each wealthy man or woman in this world is categorized into one out of that three. Quote me wrong. We ain’t going into that for now.

How to Leverage any of Those 3 Societal Problems One After the Other and Make Yourself Streams of Income.

Help Problem – If you’re expert at womanizing for instance, and you know it’s not a habit (which requires counsel), you can create a coaching seminar, a book, an organization, a blog, school, application.

Create anything that can improve the lives of those finding it hard to find their proper life partner. Well, be sure to train yourself as applying the second DETERMINANT PRINCIPLE above.

Politics fall under this.
Business falls under this (I throw kisses to Ideaflavour fans) 

Inspire Problem – The market where people who are depressed, who feel like they can’t even be the best version of themselves is extremely lucrative.

When you give value to people with your weird talkative abilities for instance. You inspire them about the sweet scents of air aromas outside their box(you motivate them to think outside the box). You invoke the supernatural waves of glorious liberation into their lives.

And they won’t only pay you for getting them outside the box. They’ll forever remember your exploits. Because you are solving a problem of “hope loss”.

You can create applications, website, coaching, online webinars, seminars and even YouTube Channels. Where you can speak to the mind. You are a god. Because you rule their souls. A god can never be broke. Money will always look for you and you’ll direct the money to wherever you want it to go.

Don’t forget the above three requirements to being positive. That will make you your million of dollars.

Entertain Problem – The entertainment industry is the widest. From sporting to news, comedies, to movies, to music, dance etc…

Most of us demand fun. What is as amazing as lifting your vibes. Those things entertaining you are from minds who discovered their abilities.

Don’t say you ain’t the lucky one. Kindly follow the recent approach about discovering yourself which I highlighted above.


I promise you are half way done after you key into the above analysis. A funny truth I need you to know is that. Your passion won’t make you millions.

Unfortunately, the one thing that supersedes passion is popularity. If you are popular, if you trend, it’ll be easy for you.

You can’t trend if you don’t find your audience. There’s this chain of trend that never stops. It’s like an electric wire that conducts in seconds.

The social media is the best place to locate your audience. Strike a plan and hit the nail on the head.

How Can You Trend?

  • Think, and create a unique, unusual and strange activity under your gift that will be insane to the people of your society. Bloggers will pick you up. There was a time I exposed my work to over 30,000 people conversion on Nairaland. Follow POPULAR African forums like Nairaland. Be consistent and never stop.

  • Promote yourself on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and you will trend. Be consistent and never stop.

  • Join the caliber of people in your talent session and be uniquely different. You will rule them. For instance, if everything about you is politics, join a political party and be uniquely different being the best version of them all. You will trend.

You Need Popularity 

3. Learn, and Turn Learning to Fun (Never Stop Learning) 

You ain’t the only with that ability. Remember there are many people who have discovered what they can do, which is that your same skill. But the only thing that’ll make you win them is how far you learn and prune yourself.

You can’t be the best or unique version of yourself if you don’t research and prune your gift.

You are a Gold. You won’t glow if you don’t pass through a furnace.

Linda Ikeji, a billionaire blogger in in an interview with the Success Story Nigeria once said that Making it to the top is easy, but maintaining the top is the difficult task. 

You stay yourself strong , but when you learn the more. You become agile.

Nevertheless, turn learning about more of your gift into fun. It’s fun I promise you. 

4. Package Yourself 

You make it there and it’ll be fine. But on your way to the top, you have to let them take you serious. You’re taken serious when you let the audience and lifters understand you are more than what anyone could ever imagine.

Physically, dress and speak well; emotionally, think and live outside the box. You will see how things change for you.

Making millions is an easy task if you have fun following those above steps which I follow. Helping, inspiring or entertaining the world are the most lucrative opportunities. And it depends if you discover yourself. If you follow the above, you have most likely discovered yourself.

Discovering yourself is however half of the problem solved. Learning and training the more , promoting yourself and packaging yourself are the launchers to your place of fulfillment.
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