Let it Grow Like a Plant

Everyday in our lives, we grow. As we grow, we increase in wisdom, and our sense of reasoning gets upgraded.

Yes, it grows in the sense that what you had in your brain back then is entirely different from what has got you thinking now.

It is beyond a shadow of a doubt that a man, who considers himself an adult would always think he has become something great, because the older he gets, the more independent he regards himself.

Now he starts to believe he is something special. He is so convinced that he is destined for greater challenges.

A child, as they would say, would always think and do like a child. Does a child think at all? Maybe. How does a child think? A child thinks craps!

Back then, you reasoned and saw things like a child. You questioned what was questionable and what was unquestionable.

You questioned everything, but now, you assert things like a wise grownup. You know what is questionable and what is not supposed to be questioned.

On a lighter note, you know what is right.

  • The difference between a lad and a man is the difference between then and now.

Now, let’s make some comparisons between now & when you were still a toddler, where you did things dependently.

As a lad, you did things recklessly & carelessly because you could not fathom their significance and implications.

The indisputable fact is that, back then, still in the stage of immaturity, most times, you knew the right thing. Only that you could not tell the benefits of making any of those decisions & the downside of indulging in wrong schemes.

As a man, old enough to have a spouse, children & other worldly things appealing to adults, the decision you make, you ensure it is the best one; you ensure it counts, you ensure it’s no joke.

Remember when you were a child, you fancied toys, so much that you kept them as your companies. You bought more than enough teddies to play & merry with.

You played and dined with them as though they breathed. You communicated, ate & slept with them. You even married one.

Back then, we had no other companions but our toys, but today, it is only wealth we fancy, nothing else. We want to make it big.

Our childhood ways don’t grow with us. They wither away as we grow older and older and older. And as the growth stage progresses, we learn to correct our childishness & get them applied more sensibly and realistically.

We see things for what they are. For example, with the oblivious sense of creativity, you played with dust and made your face and your clothes look filthy, and you end up gaining nothing in the end.

But if you see an adult working on clays now, you’d want to be convinced that he knows what he is doing. A big man who collects clay sure knows what noteworthy craft he intends to make out of it.

An adult who is said to be creative must indeed be a one who thinks completely out of the box. He creates with goal and vision. He knows what is what.

Hitherto, there are some things we still indulge in that are not promising for adults. They are things a man, old enough to get married & have kids should not commit to.

When a man gets matured, he allows his sense of reasoning to develop with him. He doesn’t just grow in height and muscles. Who cares about muscles when there is no intellect?

The same way he grows in heights, so also should he grow in intelligence. To get your sense of reasoning grow with you, there are needs for you to be responsible, do things adults do, format all those childish thoughts & get things done the right way.

You’ve grown! You are mature! So, let it grow; allow your sense of wisdom to grow, the same way a young plant emerges from the soil.

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