Module 4: Life-Changing Premium Copywriting Books and the Elevating Realities about Copywriting

See, I don’t joke with my actions. You also (sure) don’t.

Sadly, you only joke with paying for this course if you won’t practise these things. It just won’t work without taking action.

God in heaven knows what gives me joy most in this life is not the money I make online; not even my family, majorly.

I become fulfilled when the solutions I give people work.

Please, don’t offend me by not taking action. Sincerely, it’s not a matter of choice this time around. I want results from you.

No, wait! I’m also a learner. So, nobody is bossing anybody here. You know several things I’m ignorant of, so most times, YOU are the boss here.

But you can ask me questions on any area you aren’t cleared. Why won’t I ask you questions about areas of confusion too?

But I won’t lie to you, before I summarize certain realities about Copywriting to you, know that you have successfully wasted time and money if you won’t put to action those major lessons. They have made me millions.

I feel like crying whenever I reveal premium information affordably, and we become unserious with them. Pardon me for repeating this assertion. Hmm, e get y.

Work, but Pray Well

I won’t lie to you, if God isn’t directing your steps, you cannot do it all by yourself.

Don’t leave out the place of prayer. I don’t think I need to say more than that.

Copywriting is not Difficult

You know why? You only need to read good books and understand them.

After that, develop your creative and thinking abilities. You fast-track things with a mentor.

You may never go broke anymore.

Start from the Base

Some will offer you ridiculous pricing for your service, and you’ll need to work the hell out. Accept, but not for long.

Accept it as a training ground.

Accept, and announce to the world who you are NOW.

BUT don’t let them take you as a cheap brand. You fast-track things with a mentor. As soon as possible, upgrade.

Copywriting finds Opportunities in every Situation

See all bad moments as opportunities to learn and engage readers through the emotional touch, but appreciate good moments.

Embrace your mistakes and transmute them.

Great Copywriting is not Mastered Overnight

Yes, you have to work, practice, and most importantly, lots and lots of writing… and reading.

Keep writing, keep improving.

The more you write, the better you’ll get.

It’s that simple.. 

Books that’ll Radiate your Life


Godwin Oluponmile