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Don't Think Alone (here's why, and how to)

Tell me!
You already think outside the box?

Are you sure?

By your entrepreneurship or talent development move to be independent in life, are you sure?

Because, the truth is you can’t think outside the box without living outside it.

Do something for me. Remember the fantasies of life you wish you would get. But something is limiting you. Like money?

Not having enough money is a box. Not getting the money signals  that you ain’t thinking outside the box well, let alone act outside it.

That is why you will disagree with me about the topic of – “how to start a business without any money“.

Boxes are limitations restricting you to get your wishes and dreams fulfilled. But you can’t fulfill the dreams if you doubt the possibility of acting outside the box.

You cannot become that success person you dreamt of, especially in business without thinking outside that box. I now tell you that it becomes totally easier to  attain your wealth goals if you live outside that box.

Come on, the crowd is already thinking outside the box. If I’m wrong, recommend an average adult who seeks help, to think outside the box. It’ll surprise you he’ll end up motivating you to do the same.

For instance, you can read tens of wealth books in a day. You’ve just successfully thought outside the box “to read”. But you fool yourself, you wasted your time and energy if you don’t apply the principles of the books. Which is living outside that box. 
For instance, you can read tens of wealth books in a day. You've just successfully thought outside the box 'to read'. But you fool yourself, you wasted your time and energy if you don't apply the principles of the books. Which is living outside that box. Click To Tweet

If you notice with me, “Think outside the box” is now an old school term that you won’t respect again. No wonder why we have so many motivational speakers who destroyed the magic of motivation. One of my friends hates motivational talks. And his main reason is many waste data and money to listen, read, understand but never reflect them.

You live outside the box when you Break the Rule 

Living outside the box

You grew up where mum and Dad dictated what and how to. You would have no choice than to get accustomed to the morals that restrict your own innovations. I appreciate African parents’ effort which is still the best. But most African parents will never consider the miracle behind a child’s blessed gifts to think.

But they wrongly decide what that child will become. They lead the child’s path and the child who I will blame never wakes up to see the dark tunnel.

Eeerhm! I’m not even going to that for now! What I am telling you is that, you know the right from the wrong. I am majoring on Adults for now. You must follow the precepts of your parents/guardian or mentor, with your brain at work.

Come on! your hungry intuition is still the best option, if only you know the road is legit and free of disaster. I am Godwin Oluponmile if you want to arrest me, take me to court, I’ll tell you people in court why everybody says Nigeria will never grow (let alone of the rest of Africa) plus why top nations feed through our honey gallons and we never taste a cube of sugar.

Until you self-discover how to make this world a better place, by not being who Daddy or Mummy or any outsider who isn’t part of your body soul and spirit, that is when you live outside the box.

You break the rule but not the training you were given at home. Omg! How I wish you understand this and not misunderstand! Your parents are very important you know?

But can you still get what I’m saying?

You own yourself (and you are God’s) 

Will you permit me to say you were hanging somewhere before you found yourself in a family? That’s the fact but you must never forget your family.

As you mustn’t forget your family, be a star that brightens the route and path of your parents siblings and relatives.

But one thing that will keep you on balance is to never shift a blame of a single error to anybody! Because you are to blame for any thing! Because you own yourself!

You live outside the box when you take blames that you the architect of your fortune and you alone can redraw it!

You deserve total Independence 

You are not totally independent when you are somewhere working to get paid. Because you can’t travel anyhow. You can’t go on holiday anyhow. Because you are not yet free. Something called employer and civil laws is holding you down.

But by now, when you start to contribute to the world. And you entertain, help, or inspire them through how what you are, you are living outside the box. Mind you, by your gift you can either entertain, help or inspire. Through that, your independence will come.

Or don’t you like independence? You know its definition.

You’ll always be wealthy because there’s no how you won’t control money to make more for you. Money is just a paper you can control and burn if you like. You are above money. And money shouldn’t tie you down doing what you don’t fully like – due to fear of poverty.

You can only be independent if you live outside the box. You can’t live outside box well without learning continuously how to lead. And you won’t be independent if you don’t lead.


You bless your Generation (upcoming) 

You act like a leader while you live outside the Box, because you must query why 2+2 should even become 4. Yes why?

While doing this living outside the box, you breed children who grows to leaders who build another leaders. Living outside the box will turn your womb into an everlasting blessing to the world.

If only you could live outside the Box. As I said, you need to be controversial to correct misappropriation if you want to live outside the Box – and bless your generation.


You make God Happy 

It’s funny.
God will never help you if you don’t help yourself. You don’t help yourself if you don’t live outside the box. Heavens help those who help themselves and that’s why many of your wealth prayers will never be answered. Because you don’t live outside the box.

What if I tell you that you worship God when you live outside the box? You forgot you imbibe his character of love, – helping others get wishes done.

And God will love you the more. You would be a man after God’s own heart! That’s when you maximize your talent given you by God. And you can only do that when you live outside the box.

You shame the beefers, and impact them 

Expect people who will insult you as you live outside the Box.

OH! You think that people who are inside the box would be happy seeing you outside?

But the funny truth is that you impact them, by the assured positive magic your life would be reflecting. You’ll surprise them and they’ll bite their fingers on wasting time mocking you. If it would have not been too late for them by then(which I hope not).


Living outside the box

Live Outside the box. Hey! You gotta stop thinking. Thinking is shit man. A folk said stuffs are easier listened to and said than done. He’s damn true! You gotta face the real uneasiness and live a life of purpose!

You will never get out of that stinking box. If you ain’t careful, you’ll die in the Box if you ain’t different from the crowd!

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