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5 Important Actions You Must Take Before This Year Runs Out

Just as millionaires do, you need to take these crucial actions before this year runs out. It will definitely make 2019 a great year you could ever dream of. It’s not until you have a business. 4 out of these 6 vital actions must be taken by everyone who hopes for millions.

Gagan Vermani, Founder & CEO of MYSUN, said yuletide seasons like this for a startup is a crucial period as it is the time when the first stones of a bridge that is being planned are laid.

He advised entrepreneurs to write down goals —as a company and an individual — on a paper, because it helps.

“Being a festive time, it is a good time to get in touch with your customers and take a feedback on your services or simply ensure that they remember you in their celebrations. It goes a long way in ensuring a positive recall for the brand.”  he said.


When you follow these 6 actions, you set up an easier lane to promote yourself, your brand and your business. These actions are so magical that they’ll make you more conscious to attract more customers, viewers, readers and even better clients to whatever you offer.

List Out Your Failures This Year

Remember how you struggled to achieve some great things but you didn’t this year. List them out. Maybe you were on the wrong plan. You may probably change the actions you operated with in achieving these plans.

Besides, when you document down with a pen, you’re not thinking with your head alone but also putting something down with a pen. That is magical and will keep how serious you are in securing your wealth, which determines your wealth.

List your setbacks, hindrances, problems and challenges on your plot to make more money.


Draft a Mind-blowing Compliment Messages to Your Customers, Readers, Viewers and Employees

This is so magical that it doesn’t alone make you a professional in your field but also boosts the trust they have in you.

People won’t give you money if they don’t trust you. The best you could do is to surprise them with a magical trick compliments does. Your customers, your readers, your viewers feel delighted emotionally.

People forget most of what you tell them but will never forget how you make them feel. They feel special by compliments.

According to Jimeet Modi, Founder & CEO, Samco Securities, the year is a great opportunity for startups to review the year that just passed and plan for the forthcoming year.

“The end of the year could be a great time to write a newsletter to customers, highlighting key achievements of the past year and also giving guidance and quick insights to customers on upcoming products, services, offers, etc for the new year. It may also be a great time for startups to review their books and compare actuals v/s beginning of the year estimates,” said Modi.


Email or bulk SMS are great tools in approaching these people. Let them feel important and thrilling. Yuletide seasons like this are so sensitive. They can stagnate you if you don’t do things rightly.


List How Many Books you Read and How you’ve Applied the books’ principles this year. 

Highlight how many books you read. Most self-made billionaires read at least a book in a month. It’s so funny enough that most of startup entrepreneurs wouldn’t read up to 3 books in a year. List out those books.

See. I’m not talking about academics or story book. I’m taking about bestseller books that re-orientates your and my mentality towards life in this universe. Something like “The Art of Not Giving a Fuck” by Mark Manson; Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

You read? Fine. How have you applied the facts you learnt in those books? See, the more we read these books and you and I don’t practise, the more you and I forget.

Now, that’s the purpose of the list. So, you’ll discover what you currently carry.

List Out Your Major Achievements in This Year 

If at all you didn’t prepare a resolution before you fully started January, you’d at least hoped for more. Now, list those gains. What are your major achievements in this year? What have you achieved, that are really worthwhile this year?

List them in the second column. So that you’ll understand if this year wasn’t much a waste of time.

If you're a student in school, don't say you are studying. I don't count that as much gain. Don't say you studying is already an automatic achievement. I'm now talking of personal gains. Because most students study without securing their future to be as wealthy as they dream. Click To Tweet


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If your gains are higher than expected, good, polish these protocols, invest more in the protocols as next year comes in.

Estimate Your Earnings this Year 

You started the year with the focus to make more money than ever before. Calculate how much you earned.

If your earnings are low, you have to re-strategize. Ask experts in your niche questions on why your plans to make money didn’t work.


Enjoy a Break

You need to take a bit break. You gotta rest and cancel your stressful routine. That alone will make you ready for inspirations. But resume Asap next year!

I learnt so far that wealth is simple to build if you can just be creative. Not being creative enough but as well polishing your creativity with what is working, what has worked and what can blend with your creative plans. That’s why I prioritize reading a lot.

In conclusion, you following this blog is a guarantee that you’re serious about building wealth. Your finance is where we angle at and these principles can skyrocket your plans to the greater heights by next year!

Comment below and share! Thanks and do return soonest for our million-dollar ideas for entrepreneurs!


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