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With the current pending strike and some other ugly factors that are holding University students and aspirants from resuming academic activities. I deem it important to come up with a series of productive activities to aid their boredom and keep busy pending the time all activities will be back in place, some of those are;

Productive Activities for University Students and Aspirants

  1. Photography

Photography, even though trashed by many students and aspirants based on some factors best known to them has always been a good business for the willing mind to engage in. Especially in this current ugly state of the country. For a start, one can target family events and small church gatherings.

If you are interested, it would provide you a springboard to move more to a professional and rewarding career in photography.

  1. Graphic designing

Graphic design is bringing into reality what has been pictured in the abstract mind through the application visual hierarchy and some page layout techniques provide by some 100% free and available apps to optimize the user’s experience. Graphics design is another money spinner for those who have the skills. There are very few devoted committed and competent graphics designers so these few are always very much in demand. Again, you can create a portfolio for yourself on Fiverr, Upwork, or even, LinkedIn. Don’t hesitate to offer free services for people to test your work and get honest feedback from them.

  1. Typing and editing

Most students and bloggers are lazy so to say and are always in need of someone to cover up and help them out. Starting up a typing business shouldn’t be a problem if one has a personal laptop/desktop. All you have to do is simple and straightforward, you take the notes and assignment that has been brought to you and type them correctly. After typing, you review and edit well and revert it to the client. And guess what, in no time you have your money. It’s as simple as that.

  1. Hair plaiting/styling

You can learn to plait hairs and fix weave-on and offer the services for a fee in your neighborhood. You can charge as much as N500 to fix a weave-on and N1,500 for plaiting of hair depending on the thriving rate in your location and that will help a lot to save more for the resumption

  1. Medicare and pedicure services

A lot of females still fix their nails especially during weekends not minding the lockdown and what’s happening in the country. You can offer home services which will in turn increase your cost of service. You can purchase the basic equipment needed for fixing nails with N3,000 and charge as low as N300 for each service rendered which will help save and help the family

  1. Blogging

This is another stress-free activity that university students and aspirants can go into to make a lot of income during this phase. Well, let me officially tell you that this is 100% stress-free and income-generating. It costs literally nothing to start your blog with the aid of Blogger or WordPress. If you are consistent enough, in no time, you will understand some hidden secret in the business and you will start making your money in no time.

  1. Outdoor catering services

A university student or an aspirant can also start learning and doing outdoor catering services. You do not need much capital to thrive in this business. Meanwhile, you can decide to join a team that offers the service to increase your confidence in cooking for events and occasions. This productive activity will in turn brings in a lot of connections and help you make effective use of your time.

  1. Cleaning services

As regarding the pandemic, most worker has lost their jobs and sources of income and this led to a lot of people cutting their coats according to their clothes. What do I mean? most salary earners will have to move to houses where they won’t have to pay much to have some money left to cater for the family. This then pave way for aspirants who do not have the capital to start up a business, People need the help of cleaners to help them clean and tidy up their new homes. This is a lot of money waiting to be claimed

To start, you will need a way of letting people know you are in the business. social media has made that easy and in no time, you’ll start getting calls for services that will, in turn, generate money.

  1. Sports/physical Trainer

Due to the lockdown, a lot of people struggle with weight loss and physical fitness. If you are a good athlete, instead of wasting precious time at home why don’t you  go to gym centers and apply to be a trainer/instructor and on the other hand if you feel you have a good compound you can start up your gym center with a few equipment and boom you become the owner and CEO of a business

  1. Become a Jumia Agent

Becoming a Jumia agent is just a simple process, all you have to do is register for it on their platform and start helping people make orders and after successful order placement and payment you get your commission it’s that simple and if you are good at marketing, you’ll make a fortune out of it. You can also promote their offers on your Facebook, Instagram Twitter, or WhatsApp channels.


There are other lucrative small business ideas out there for aspirants and students awaiting resumption but these are common ones that one can set up in no time. Remember all time wasted will be accounted for one day so make do with your time. The time to start doing something is now, take the ugly situations around yourself and turn them into great opportunities now!


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