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12 Profitable businesses during Christmas Extremely Lucrative

Just like last year, another lucrative time is here and these profitable businesses during Christmas can accrue you millions of Naira. I’m so engrossed to sense when to command your funds to make more money.

Well, you might plan utilizing this season. And I’ll assure you, if you can still seize this holiday chance, you will never regret it.

Wait! Did I say you won’t regret…? I meant, the risk in investing will be very lower than the normal. No investment is risk-free but if you are seasonally sensitive, millions hang out there for you and I to easily pluck.

As long as they’ll always say “Christmas must be sweet”, these many people saying it are underneath hungry to explode their funds for whichever entrepreneur they see, who can give them these desires.

Profitable Businesses During Christmas Extremely Lucrative

Fouls Resale (broilers, cockerels, layers etc.)

Profitable businesses during Christmas

You reading this may not have yet started poultry rearing. It isn’t no problem. You should consider getting maybe five dozens of broilers or any breed of fouls.

All Christians will eat chicken this christmas. At worst if I won’t eat cow, I will eat chicken. Marketing is what you should be doing now, to create awareness to households. Create your customers now and expect a rapid sales. It’s very easy to start. Although, you will need some helping hands but you’ll never regret spending the capital.

Christmas Tree Sales 

Profitable businesses during Christmas

Don’t wait for anybody to start before you start. In fact, start the marketing now. Big companies, offices, hotels, guest houses, shops, bars, cool spots, and many thousands of outdoor outlets demand for these trees.

You may order for them in bulk online and ship them in, importing or even, being a retailer.

We have thousands of homes and churches already watching out, and waiting for their potential supplier, which you can be one.

Christmas Light Sales 

Profitable businesses during Christmas
Christmas light on an invisible tree

Yes. Those lights design trees, alters, rooms, street lights, name them. You can supply these lights. And hundreds of thousands ROI await you if you can go into this investment.


Profitable businesses during Christmas

They are those plastic plates, bottles, disposables, cups, and so on. Whatever you and receive foods or gifts with are called souvenirs. The demand rate for this yuletide season will be so so high and unimaginable.

You can start with just few thousands and you’ll never regret.

Clothing and Wears

Profitable businesses during Christmas

As I am now, God helping, I plan to change my wardrobe before Christmas or New Year. Let me guess you also thought about that. Entrepreneurs are those that’ll solve this problem. Well. There’s that money crying and seeking out for help from whoever has new wears for sale.

See! Choose any trending product from out there and see how this season has been paying a lot if entrepreneurs already.

You can even do a Facebook Marketing, promising on delivering these indoor delivery clothes at an exceptional rate if you can afford it.

Clothes will sell like anything ever during this December and January. Any studentpreneur resuming should consider clothes resale as very important and should expect a lucrative Return on Investment.

T-shirts, skirts, trousers, suits, coats, shirts, blazers and the rest should be considered.


Profitable businesses during Christmas

It might seem little but what if I tell you over 85 millions of kids are out there? And that most of’em are saving their feeds for this Christmas and New Year toys?

I can assure you, if you should consider supplying toys in a wholesales quantity as B2B, you’ll receive many orders from retailers and your sales will skyrocket.

Cattle Deal


Profitable businesses during Christmas

Although, you might need a sufficient capital for this. I have a friend who suggested to sharehold Ram Dealing during the recent Eid-el Kabir. He’s in millions as I’m typing this.

He actually had to get a loan. If not for his collateral, he was already discouraged.

He paid his interest and many hundreds of thousands remained – just few days of investing.

We have hundreds of thousands of Christians who will kill cow for this Xmas. In fact, other religions will kill cows for the upcoming new year.

You can consider this. It’s very lucrative.

Santa Outfits 

 Profitable businesses during Christmas

Santa is coming back again” but you and I are who to clothe Santa 😂. Santa has no choice than to approach entrepreneurs like you.

Those red and white outfits are lucrative to deal with lady! And you’ll not regret if you make nice connections and marketing. You might even approach these primary schools and Creche churches to patronize you. I’m telling you.


Profitable businesses during Christmas

Infact, this is under businesses you can start with #10,000. But the best is still if you do the Wholesales. Kids are so passionate to impress themselves. Remember when you and I were also then. These closed baby games that determined our balon sizes.

Yes. You might even endorse the production of these balon games as a brand. It accrues.


Profitable businesses during Christmas

Well, I guess it’s already a culture to change a palm or shoe in a season like this. In fact, the low-class citizens must change, no matter how strenuous things may be.

Let me tell you, to many people, if you don’t wear new shoe or clothe to church, others might think they’re extremely poor.

Well that’s not your and my concern – but rather to see there which money hangs and how to settle these hungry minds. These minds hope for these shoes.

The most important factor to consider is this marketing of a thing. Marketing creates awareness to these crowd wanting, and it’s so obvious they’ll pay anything for you this season.


Profitable businesses during Christmas

As I dey now, I use Pure Black. Any other perf na counterfei… Hey I didn’t say counterfeit o. But sincerely, the rate at which body spray and roll – ons will sell is high in this yuletide season. If you go into the high demand in market, you’ll come back to thank me.

As I am now, an entrepreneur came to ask if I need a new perf, and I booked it.

As long as they’ll always say “Christmas must be sweet this year”, these many people saying are underneath hungry to explode their funds for whichever entrepreneur they see, who can give them these desires. You can be the one if you choose to now.

Beverages, Alcohol and Wines 

 Profitable businesses during Christmas

Soft drinks, Yoghurts, Wines’ rate are becoming extremely high. Visitors and people greeting relatives will host guests 😂.

Because you don’t have money, don’t say you can’t start a business now. What will make you start a business at all first is if you believe you can. See how to start any business without any money.

Try to use other people’s money to invest. I can advise you go into few debts, because this season is very promising, no matter the economy delapidation.

Profitable businesses during Christmas

As I said, drinks will be massive and if you can plan dominating the market this yuletide season, you will skyrocket and grow up. Be a wholesaler and connect with retail outlets and  supply them regularly. One out of the great profitable businesses during Christmas is this.

Even if you choose to retail, you will be shocked at the rate people will demand for beverages, wine and drinks.

Foodstuffs Supplying 


Profitable businesses during Christmas

You’ll come back and thank me if you start this one. The consumption rate of food this season will be higher than the normal. If you can key into the foodstuffs supplying, you’ll never regret going into the market.

Who won’t eat jollof?

See! It’s going to be extremely lucrative if you can create solid awareness of what you have to offer them this yuletide New Year and Christmas season.

In conclusion, See how to start any business without any money. Try to use other people’s money to invest. I can advise you get a loan, especially if the collateral is there because this season is very promising, no matter the economy delapidation.

According to statistics, these ones below are also very lucrative to venture into if you can consider. They are also profitable businesses during Christmas:

Car Perfumes
Hand Sanitizers
Wine Glass
Event Tickets
Fancy Furniture
Banger, and other sophisticated fireworks
Gums (aka chewing gum) and sweets
Music System
Teddy Bear
Mini-xmas hats
Flash drives
Bottle Openers
Mobile Phones

I wish you all the best ahead choosing one out of the profitable business ideas during Christmas.

Comment below if there’s any other questions or ideas to look into. Do well to share please.


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