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Start your own business now


What if you end up the richest and the most successful in your community? When your dreams finally come true… But do you think that can be realistic without being an entrepreneur?

What if I tell you, that since the day you risked yourself or possession to make ends meet from anybody, you became an entrepreneur ūüėČ.

Entrepreneurs are finance politicians. You are.

But the smoothest way to success in entrepreneurship is to regularly update yourself on what’s on trend. That alone is a bedrock to inform you that if you haven’t yet started a virtual business, you are losing wealth. Why not start your own business now?

Or can you tell me the essence of not making awesome money despite all your efforts to make ends meet? After you finish this, you’d see why you may never achieve your goals to be famous, rich, and successful(and how to avoid that).

You’ll see

  • why the risk you’re running from is not really risky,
  • how the time is sufficient to start your dreams,
  • posterity concerns and
  • the #1 path to be forever independent.

Tell me. Did you ever assume: “huh! I have no idea on me now”, “what would I start and even be successful?”. I know, stuffs like that sucks. But I’ll assure you that starting your own business idea is still the simplest mathematics in the world right now. You’ll see that in here.

Yes! You do have the time.
A lot of people think wealthy entrepreneurs made it there out of the blues. I will shock you that most of these people are less smarter than you are.

But they only surpassed you by few seriousness to business.

I asked an entrepreneur how he made it up to millions per month, he told me “back then in the years, I ‘let go’ several comfort zones and I strictly focused on and strategize on how to make money work for me.¬†I didn’t make the mistake of depending on the job I was doing.” It’s actually not hard to be wealthy. In fact, it’s not at all difficult. But only if you can see these reasons to starting out something you’ll control and be a boss on your own and not think on working for money. Sounds great?

It’s easy. And that brings me to:


You May Never be Rich in Life


Sincerely, even if you attend school to get a degree or diploma, you may never be wealthy till you die.

Ask a typical graduate in Nigeria. She might even tell you she made the mistake of not attaching a side business. Yes. Ask them.

The fact is they might be so wicked to advise you that pursuing 5.0 gp, attending classes regularly is the key.

Anyway, I see that as wickedness from many graduates. I need you to stay focused that pursuing a degree is just the start of education.

You need to fix a greater priority on entrepreneurship. Fellow first class graduates, still sitting at home for the past two years.

Besides, if you don’t start a your own business now which you love, you might regret later and bite your fingers.

I don’t say schooling or studying well is bad. I’m just lovingly advising you that the promises from lecturers are fake.

Let me explain better here: On campus, they’ll only teach you how to work for money. In other words, all schools are brutal and inconsiderate to educate you on how money will work for you.

Even if you at last end up with a well paying job, it will only source for yourself, maybe family.

To further clarify why you must start your own business now, Buckminster Fuller said

“Wealth is a person‚Äôs ability to survive so many number of days forward‚ÄĒor, if I stopped working today, how long could I survive?”


You are most likely not end up as rich as you dreamt if you don’t be an entrepreneur.”


A Job Won’t Give you Convenience and Independence You Dreamt of


I know of a 4.55gp medicine graduate working in a reputable government hospital. Another friend works in a private high school.

The doctor is paid a salary lesser than #300,000(under $1000); the teacher is paid lesser than #30,000(under $100).

They graduated with almost the same degree gp. When I visit them, this doctor once told me after some questions – “Godwin! Honestly speaking, people think workers are rich. It’s not until I reached the white collar job I met the truth.”

The truth ūüėČ

Listen! The only way a job holder can be satisfactorily convenient a bit is when he learns to control money to work for him.

As long as money controls him(by working for money), his expenses will rise in proportion every single month.

Did you ever¬†fantasized how you’ll enjoy your day-out when rich?¬†Sorry, a job rarely gives more than a month ‘leave’ in a year for your independence.

Even if you have started a job and you want to be independently convenient, now is time you must learn how to control money in a way that it works for you and bring back multiples. I don’t ask you to quit. But what’s stopping you to start your own business now


Thousands greatly desire what you will offer


Everyone needs every necessity and millions as if today can’t find who would provide them. If you can fit in the logic and show yourself to the world, you will be the richest in few years time if you want to. Because you are where you are today as a matter of choice.

Being wealthy is not a big deal.
If you don’t be an entrepreneur, it may be a tug of war, especially in a country like Nigeria where minimum salary for workers is being dragged under a #23500 (under $80). Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter are there to search for the starving crowd.

Develop the passion for what you like and start investing your time helping hundreds of people to solve some issues. Build your trust by starting with then freely. Start your own business now to win the market.

Collect their active emails and build a relationship. Create your own website.
Besides, if you can think and approach where your customers are, you will be wealthy in a short period of time.

You have something to Pass on to The Next Generation(s)


We are graduating to the era that all jobs would be replaced with robots, when businesses, especially online would contain the upper class. Start your own business now.

The reason is because robots and automated machines are invented almost every day.

Your children would be glad to meet something worthwhile which will also be passed on to their children’s child.

Popularity and Prosperity 


As I would tell you, passion won’t bring you wealth – but popularity.

The double benefit you get is, you’ll be invited to teach and impact thousands of people if not millions on their path to success. What else do you find if not that?

They’ll rush you and even pay thousands of dollars just for you to come.

You will never be poor as you’ld have trained yourself on finance before you attain that stage.


There’s Enough Time¬†for You (Not what you think)


I received a lot of replies that time isn’t enough to start as we’re fixed with school assignments, church works, jobs and so on. See.

Nobody has time for anything.
You and I only create time for something we value will pay us. Oh! What’s the value of solving lecturers assignments?

Why do you clean the church? The same question applies to “Don’t you want to end up financially successful?”

Let me tell you many people still think God would¬†rain money on them as miracles… Or send a big business holder to send them money.

If you desire wealth, you’d better start your own business now and see yourself boom in few years time.

When you say there’s no time to start your own business now, it’s ¬†not realistic. If you sleep 7 hours in the 24 hours, rest for 4 hours, why is it that difficult to dedicate a hour or two (among the rest 13) in investing in what you’ll later smile and say “I’m glad I started?”

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The risk isn’t that risky


It wasn’t not until I stopped following the crowd and settle down to personally educate myself financially on risk, that I knew no risk is way much risky.

The reason is that when you don’t take risk, risk will automatically sting your financial life. So, what then are we blindly avoiding? So why not start your own business now. Have you see how to start a business without any money?

Ever wondered 39 years to this time and you looked back and regret what you could have achieved if you replace the fun you had in social media at this time with investing in yourself. And that’s the greatest risk to avoid.

Wrap up (how to discover your own business)


¬†Yes! you do have the idea to start your own business now. You’re only scared. That which you do on Saturday mornings before anyone knows, start as your own business now.

What do you enjoy and feel like doing for free and not get paid?

What was your greatest project before?

Let’s think of what do people complain of about you.¬†

Can you tell me that which you enjoy do that many others rarely do?

What are what people praise you for most?

Start now! If you don’t have an idea sourcing funds, see how start a business without any money. You will be wealthy!

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