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Stress management activities
Excessive stress kills if you don’t actively manage and handle this stress of a thing well. 

Have you ever felt like quitting your activities …? Or just close eyes and sell off your investments. God forbid! Is that the purpose of starting a business(even if) ?

And that moment is when Cash-flow won’t be encouraging especially for lazy entrepreneurs like me. Money ain’t flowing and your business seems tiring even when it sucks to gather customers, readers, viewers or buyers…

For crying out loud… Others are doing this damn stuff and they kind of excelling massively. Aren’t they humans? that breathe just as you and me do… But it just seems as if they practice a kind of Irish magic like that of Merlin’s.

 Your business would be  stressful. No matter how, you’d get stressed out and that is a big business destroyer. How to manage and handle stress now becomes a mandatory affair that turns that stress into a positive energy. To live a happier, fulfilled and wealthier life.

One day, I was speaking with a friend – now a Social Media marketer. He complained of how stressful online businesses has killed him and how he’d have no option than to sell his blog out. He sold at a disappointing rate and it was because he couldn’t manage his stress well.

You cannot be consistent in business if you are getting it wrong on managing stress. Which means you’ll see little or no result of your investments. And in fact, those formerly highlighted challenges would discourage you to further your business idea if that stress is handled wrongly.

Whenever you get stressed out in any business, just remember that day you checked out IdeaFlavour blog about stress management. Because you’d get enchanted and flavoured today on how to make more money.

These following stress management hacks have helped me made a lot in stressful businesses. I believe they will help you out too.

Deal with Stress or Relieve Stress With These Crazy Stress Management Activities 

Speak With Your Role Model or Mentor

Stress management activities #1

Sounds unfamiliar?

No! It’ll need a bit of airtime or video call data if you are inaccessible to a Wi-Fi. Say “hi “ to him, let him feel loved and let them know your current condition.

He’ll not only show to you at least one of the secrets they keep indirectly, but also comfort you to relief.

Your role model isn’t necessarily to be a rich man or woman. But he/she must be well seasoned in the field you are. They have gone through your stress stage and they can remember how it was handled.

Your hormones would inevitably react to relief instantly they comfort you not to worry about the stress if that’s what they reply. Even, if you are going wrong, your stress level goes down because you become happy that you haven’t gone much far in a wrong direction.

I tell several entrepreneurs that call or meet me not to do without at least a specialist in their field. If it’s to be paid or free, it doesn’t still matter.

Speaking with somebody you highly respect in your niche is an instant mental stress Panadol.

Plan a Break

Manage Relieve and Handle Stress by Taking a Break

I don’t know how you schedule your work time. Well, for you to be organized in business, you also know that we need to work on the intervals. Take a bit break ahead when you are stressed out.

Skip two or more moments of order when you are supposed to work. Enjoy yourself to the fullest. Take a tour, take a girl or friend out. Relax and enjoy the free natural breezes. Then resume.

You’d become enchanted and refilled.

Because you might be that kind of person who likes to work many hours in a day. Unfortunately, you may not imagine that working a lesser might not change the positive result. It does, because your customers can see a reflection of what you are going through.

Discover Your Favourite Exercise – Try Them When Stress Comes 

Manage Relieve and Handle Stress by Taking Exercise

Looks stupid?

No wait! You’d ask  “ain’t this suggestion kind of shit?” 

Okay. How reasonable is it for me to tell you adding up to the problem you wanna eradicate? Doesn’t it sound absurd to use stress to relieve stress? 😂

Let me tell you something. I thought it’s a stressful attempt when my mentor mentioned this to me last year. It’s not until I tried this exercise of a thing.

Right from my childhood have I loved this Press Up exercise.
Manage Relieve and Handle Stress by Press Up Exercise
So, when I became stressed out, I first hesitated, then forced myself. Bro, I don’t know where that fire energy came from.

I suddenly became fired up.

Running actually helps many who I encouraged. Especially when you choose a friend to compete with, running is a fire up that turns your stress into a Million-dollar energy.

Sleep and Relax Well

Manage Relieve and Handle Stress by Sleep or Relaxation

Stress kills.

The #1 stress antidote is sleeping. It relieves that tension. It quenches the fatigue of depression and lightens up the fire to forge ahead.

Sleep revitalize your energy and re-purposes your mood to another direction far from the current condition. You need to take a nap, forget about your situation and be happy with your healthy status at least privileged to sleep.

You and I can die due to mental or physical stress if we don’t sleep well enough. Godwin Oluponmile doesn’t joke with food and sleep at all – friends would testify. I enjoy every bit of moment in my life and I ensure that any stress is turned out to be transmuted positive energy.

As a result of this, I make a lot of money with a lifestyle I see as never stressful. I don’t work hard. I work smartly. And I make my cool cash freelancing, selling and marketing. I am lazy.

Discover Your Favourite Movie. Download a Trending One. Then watch one. 

Manage Relieve and Handle Stress by The Movies
Life isn’t difficult at all. I was once inspired to write a song with my guitar due to an emotional horror movie I watched in 2016. This was after a hectic day when I trekked miles back to my hostel.

I’m not going to that. You will overcome stress if you watch an interesting movie – one of your favorite genres. See! This isn’t a rocket science. It’s what has worked.

Let me tell you. This reason why this magic works is because you discovered yourself the more. And it’s also because when we walk in line with our road of discovery, every patch falls in place. That’s why you need to discover your movie type, then watch.

You’d be taken away from the present stressful situation of this world into realities of that movie. No how no how, since you’re in a business you’re passionate about, there’s going to be a correlation to what will influence your psychology to fire up your energy to pursue more.

This transforms your stress into a positive energy and anxiety.

Wrap up 

I love stress because it’s another energy I’d transmute into a Million-dollar vibe. It’s also a memory I get when I spend time with my girlfriend, families, enjoying the greater happiness from my yield.

These stress management activities are crucial in business and money-making matters. And if you handle stress properly, it helps you work more in discovering yourself and changing the world for better.

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