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4 Successful Marketing Strategies That'll Captivate Your Potential Audience Psychologically

Come to think of it! You do want profit from your investment. Let me tell you a secret. People always look at an entrepreneur as someone who is always hungry to collect their money at all times. You need to change that psychology if you want to control money.

Who else would visit your website, blog, buy your products or advertised products if not your customers, viewers, readers, listeners and fans?

If not disheartening, it’s almost impossible to forge ahead wasting time, energy and money to build a system that won’t at least generate funds we intended it to dispense. Do you know, that publicity/marketing has become expensive and frustrating these days when distractions and distrust increase everyday?

Besides, either sponsoring to advertise other services isn’t the major problem now. In fact, if there’s that capital, getting traffic can’t be too challenging. And the issue now, is how to convert these traffic either large or small into a full-time buying customers.

Everybody dreams to turn their passion into a money-making machine. That is easier spoken than done. Publicizing and marketing what you have, to create more customer fan base who absorb your solution to their problems is a little bit overwhelming. Because you need to consider the intricacies and tactics of strategies that work.

Marketing as I’ve just said means awareness about your services, to thousands of people as much as possible so that our potential solution seekers can trust us for trade permanently or till death do us part.

And today, I’ll carefully release 4 powerful techniques that will tweak their mental and emotional engines proven by history to keep more customers and make more sales. To let us understand better on what mistakes we probably could’ve been making. Which has been draining the precious opportunity of creating more faithful customers, readers and fans who trust you.

How to Successfully Captivate Your Audience’ Psychology

Define Your Brand’s New Unique Peculiarity

You may run Facebook ads for your marketing. It might be SEO. Anyhow you do the publicity, if you reveal a new unique selling point of your business, more attention will be given to you.

You’ll receive little or no changes even if you generate a paid traffic to your business. Because they don’t see what makes you special from what they’ve been seeing day in day out.

Oh! Don’t forget that you ain’t the only one marketing in your niche. You are not the only one doing that business. So, it’s very important we promise out a unique offer that even though, the business is the same as your competitors, but the new peculiarity would make you stand out.

For instance, if I marketed to sell a book for #5000, I would make my unique sell point be very different. How? I’ld first do a rich research on how others promote to sell similar books, I’d understand their mistakes and I’d resume to craft a new promoting invention e. g. Listing out the fears and disasters of not getting informed about the future hazard of not reading the book.

This is a Successful Marketing Strategies Example.

How to Rightly Craft a quality brand for your business (and yourself)

You Must Draw in Their Minds a New and Attractive Image/Figure of Your Service

This is where branding comes in. Have you also sat to ask the question of ‘who brought about the idea of logo?’ And ‘why should there be that?’

Getting a logo is like the facial look of your business. If any car passes and your friend points you to check a Benz out. You’d first look for one thing. Yes! Make it easy for your customers to easily seek for your business and easily distinguish. I’m very sure you would disagree if you don’t see the Mercedes logo.

You can hire a special Graphics Designer to do that. In fact, the most important part of your business card is that creative and unique imagery you paint into their soul.

It’s important your logo is creative but not necessarily too flashy. Creativity is a simple beauty to soul and can impact the psychology of every human beings.

Their Mentality Hopes That You Gift Them Bonuses – So, provide High Quality values in an Affordable Way (this builds their trust for you)

See! Everyone loves bonanzas everywhere, especially in Nigeria where red is finding it hard to become green. But the danger behind this philosophy is that you may ridicule the worth of your services if you are not careful with promo.

They’ll involuntarily love to trust you if you make them glad to download your cheat sheet which you would have sold at $10. For instance, Neil Patel, one of the world’s topmost content marketers makes available an SEO tool – Ubersuggest Version 3 for content marketers freely. So they can target the keywords their competitors

Make Them Feel or Assume That you Can Live Your Life Without Them Patronizing you

This is the best tactic I use in influencing the mental state while publicizing or marketing. In this technique, you assure them that you don’t really need their money but you need their development in their area of specialization.

People always look at an entrepreneur as someone who is always hungry to embezzle their money at all times. You need to change that psychology. And letting them be assured that you aren’t after their money, but rather passionately give out what you have to them with just a token.

You Must Fulfill Whatever You Promised

You’ll let them feel that you are only creating more customers to add value to. Kindly don’t let this marketing strategy be left out during your marketing if you want to generate more sales.

This is the greatest of all. To permanently flavour their desire psychology to your business, you need to put your best at fulfilling whatever you promised. Especially when this is their first time of purchasing from you.


There are several successful marketing strategies examples essential to your niche which you can innovate if you are passionate about that your business. Don’t let your customers down because of wanting to make money at all cost.

You know, the money would naturally flow. Thus, your strategy would be successful in triple revenue compared, when you put it at full of your mind the core aim to help customers get happier, better and thankful.


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