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Something terrible which you’ll see the clip here just happened earlier today, here in Ikire, Osun State. I met a lady who is into entrepreneurship, dealing used pants in Ibadan  Oyo State.

As I was almost waking, thinking about which church I’ll go, some people rushed in to inform us in my hostel that someone has been stealing pants overnight in our street.

First, it wasn’t funny when I ran to my bathroom. But as soon as I remembered we have a secured fence in my hostel, I started making jest of myself.

At first, I didn’t believe it, because I’ve been a bit skeptical about those cases of some yahoo boys stealing used pants. But seeing was believing today.
So, since it’s a business based gist, I can still gossip at least once in a while to see how lucrative a blood money could ever be.


Come and see how people unleashed a first class harassment on her.

Underwears Ritualist business
Where a man started pouring petrol on her


My Horrible Encounter With a Pant Ritualist in Uniosun: An Ibadan Based "Used Pant" Entrepreneur 5 My Horrible Encounter With a Pant Ritualist in Uniosun: An Ibadan Based "Used Pant" Entrepreneur 6

Underwears Ritualist business
Where she’s confessing

According to IdeaFlavour’s reports, findings and enquiries, a man spotted her walking around aimlessly amidst two hostels. Then, she was suspected by a man who accused her. The man asked her to show what’s in her hand and she fled. With immediate effect, he alerted some nearby passersby to help him catch the suspect.

They gave her a resounding slap and she began to confess that she’s from Ibadan and she’s on her way back already that they shouldn’t forgive her.

Before I reach that incredible scene, I met them pouring petrol/fuel on her body with a match ready to disburse a lifetime “hell on earth” on her soul.

We asked her when she started Pant selling business and maybe it’s been so lucrative. But she kept looking at us. That alone vexed me to the extent that I wished I could unleash a hot resounding slap. But what strucked me was that, she might have children hungry at home, waiting for their hungry mummy inside a scammed nation of Nigeria.


No matter what, if you are hungry, get a pastor or an Alfa. What’s the pleasure in killing others for the sake of your liveliness.

We can’t eat our cakes and still have it.
IDEAFLAVOUR strongly goes against blood money! And we don’t advise us to think about that as an investment. It’s shit!

So! Who Cares?” 

Ideaflavour cares about your safety if your home is not as too enclosed with a corrugated wire fence. Let’s try to lock our bathroom windows before sleeping at night even if you are a bit secured. —

“And What Do You Mean by That?”

You already know that my sister! 😉

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