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7 Unheard Mistakes That Will Amazingly Make Your Blog Fail
I’ll be blunt.
Many bloggers daily quit blogging. And the sad reality is your blog may also fail!
You would feel that quitting shit coming! I did feel as well! But… 

But if you ever thought about backing off from your blog soonest, I’ll recommend that you read this, because you’ll actually regret you quit blogging. 

Hey! I understand you spent chunks of months writing new epic contents consistently. See, that doesn’t concern any of your audience because each of them doesn’t give a damn to know if you grow up or not.
But be glad because you met a drastic shift from that tragic blogging experience today. 

Meanwhile, these blogging mistakes are almost not heard about freely online. The stuffs you’re about to read is like mentorship. And that actually is my main purpose for starting this new blog. So, you as an online marketer aren’t left out. 
These hardly heard mistakes will ruin your efforts if taken with levity handling. 

No New Peculiarity – No Unique Identity

Failed Blogs lack peculiarity
You see! When a business owner crafts a new idea model in any business, it doesn’t mean he’d change the scope of the business. He’d only innovate a peculiarity. But since the new idea shift is peculiar, people would want to have that new taste.
That’s why Coca-Cola would never reveal that her unique flavour. Blogging is not left out.
For example, you’re never anyone. Everything about you is created to be different and peculiar. Your blog will fail if you ENTIRELY copy what others do e.g. your competitors. There’s a kind of drive that plunges you to be different from your siblings, even your twin sister brother (if you have any).
Did you ever question thumbprints never be the same? Just as no matter how a DNA seems like a child’s father’s, you will always be a new different entity in everything.
That’s why you need to think deeper, research, find out who you really are and how you can fit that peculiar idea to help your audience.
You can’t bring out that peculiarity without branding. You cannot discover your “Unique Identity” if you don’t craft a brand for yourself. For instance, you could give out what your competitors sell freely. There’s high chance you steal their audience. Don’t be scared! A perfect instance of this is the Ubersuggest developed by Neil Patel to freely settle marketer’s SEO problems.
Can I shock you? It isn’t too important that your peculiarity functions. Your peculiarity may not necessarily help, but rather attract or entice. For example, an attractive identity logo, or colour of your brand or name(blog domain) go a very long way; a new peculiar voice of writing even differentiates you. Because both search robots and audience would quickly remember that your peculiar style.
In simple terms, you cut the risk of blogging failure when you develop a “Unique Identity”. You easily craft a new “Unique Identity” when you build your brand. Google’s algorithms even prioritizes brands over other domains while sorting and filtering Google Queries.
Eric Schmidt  the ex CEO of Google made mention of something very important for us to know how Google Search prioritizes brands. He said

“Brands are the solution, not the problem. Brands are how you sort the cesspool” 

Neil Patel, one of the world topmost influencers in fact inferred that 
An easy way to build a brand is to get people to search for your brand name on a consistent basis. In fact, if you can’t maintain your brand’s  popularity, your search traffic will die off if you only rely on short-term strategies.
Meanwhile, the short-term strategies Neil means are Link Building Strategies, Commenting on other blogs etc.

Blog Fails by “Let Me Launch a Blog to Start Making Money” Mentality

Blog fails through money making motive
Before I started this new blog, a friend of mine approached me in the earlier 2019.
“Godwin” I know you’re an Online Marketer. Please, I’m fuckin’ broke and I need to make money online, so I think starting a blog now will be great . In fact, I can borrow to pay any amount you demand – in as much I’d be able to pay since I’d have started making money online… Because it seems like bloggers are kind of rich and they do their things in a lowkey just like you”.
Well, I smiled immediately. He wouldn’t understand the reason behind my smile buddy!
I however replied, listing out five different online businesses he might start – both the ones I earn with and other sure and lucrative ones. I included blogging lastly and I told him the fundamentals.
He suddenly became discouraged to blog, due to the truths I told him about, but rather went for Freelance Writing alternative I as well included for him.
You see, I don’t say you shouldn’t make money with your blog. But, since I’ve seen a lot of startup blogs, I’ve launched several blogs too, and I learnt that for the fact that you started blogging due to you need money alone, it’ll most likely not yield.
You know why?
You can only make a single dime online with either selling your product online or promoting other’s products.
Besides, you’ll sell to someone, who trusts you without seeing you leave. This exactly is where the problem lies. This audience can never trust you, except you’ve built some authorities. You’re faceless! 
There’s no how you’ll craft a remarkable product if your major main motive or preoccupation is  making money.
This is why several blogs pack off after 7 or 8 months when money isn’t yet rushing in. Don’t start a blog if you can’t persevere and find fun in it for one year or more of chicken feed or no profit.
First, immediately you launch your blog, you’d be enchanted, happy and blissful since you also will be tagged as a blogger. That’s not even the heaviest problem, but rather your next scheme – how to attach your bank account details to start making money straight away.
That’s why Google Adsense disappoints many newbie bloggers (even after when they struggled to get approved). I’m not going to that now. As I said, if you first wish to earn, you won’t think well of building your blogging business from the scratch.
This wouldn’t only make you acquire blogging fundamentals that work now, but also the old-fashioned blogging fundamentals that doesn’t work anymore.
For instance, you’re faceless to your new visitors. You’d need extra trust from them. And to successfully build their trust to sell your products or help others sell (for you to make money), other people must testify on how you’ve been helpful.
Let alone of that, many customers are scammed and wouldn’t wanna bear the pain again. So, they’d rather stay a longer even after they read others’ testimonies of you.
Meanwhile, to build the trust of this kind of audience, you must be helpful without demanding for a dime – for a while. You’ll need to balance their space of fear – by impressing them with free stuffs – for a while.
I’m not going far… Creating remarkable contents, free e-mail updates to them as subscribers, on a regular interval for a particular niche will impress them the more as free stuffs…
Because they are free information. And they know information is power. Most people online either on Fb Media or Google Searches look for the best affordable stuffs.

Blog Fails When Blogging Isn’t for You

Your blog fails when you ain't meant to make money blogging
It’s pretty much possible that blogging isn’t your way. Meanwhile, I also don’t agree that following your passion is important before you can make abundance of income online.
But because blogging doesn’t fit for everyone, you may not find it interesting. There will be a whole lots of time when you  won’t make a dime out of blogging, and these are the times when blogging as a hobby comforts the frustration therein.
It’s just like starting Poultry Farming. If you are passionate, you don’t compulsorily need much helping hands – unless you’re ready to spend hundreds of thousands.
You see! Tell anyone that says passion in blogging isn’t essential to shut the heck up. Wait! Although, it would be a silly thing also for you to be passionate about what isn’t lucrative(what doesn’t work).
You know why? Honestly, they might be advising you to ‘re-strategize’ your passion to a niche similar to what works.
Nevertheless, generally, if you don’t like Writing and Researching, quit blogging! Except you plan to hire – which is damn expensive. 
As I meant, You might lose a whole chunk of thousands, just to later discover you’re not on your right business path.
Yes! As much as you must see blogging as fun/hobby, see it as a business also. Your blog can make you millions.
For example, you might be passionate about blogging and not discover your appropriate niche that fits you. This is where another problem lies. You’re passionate to blog… But your passion niche falls under what doesn’t work.
I don’t mean you won’t be successful with a (your) passion niche. But you only increase the chance for your blog to fail. Others who are passionate like you would have tried the niche and since their audience didn’t convert, they have failed blogs. Then, you also want to test what isn’t working? You may be successful. But such success is kind of rare!
Are you passionate about blogging and you don’t arrive at a niche?
Or is it that the niche you got is saturated? Or is it that the niche isn’t even working as I earlier said?
Do not quit blogging. Blogging is for you. You can… Or in fact will make it in blogging.
You need something. A “Unique Function” different from others’. This is where branding comes in.
Is your niche saturated? Fine! You only need to be exceptional if your niche is saturated to be singled out from the crowd.
Whereas, if the niche you’re passionate for isn’t working, get into one of the niches that work, then attach your “Unique Function” from that ‘unworking’ niche.
This is called “SEO by Angling”. Any niche that is unrealistic can undergo angling technique under SEO.
For instance, the Lifestyle niche is actually saturated for now. And that may be what you are passionate for – helping others to be happier.
Now, you and I know that narrowing down that niche fast-tracks your likelihood to succeed in that niche. Hence, we narrow down to Marital Relationships (under Lifestyles) for instance. Then, that hungry passion you have for the broad niche can be angled through generalizing on a particular gender e.g. Female gender; or angularizing at a particular age range e. g.  18-30 years old…
Blogging isn’t for everyone. Because passion is involved. You’d be frustrated; you’d spend a lot; and you’d spend your time. But if you can be consistent with the latest strategies that work, your blog would be successful.
If you suddenly discover that you ain’t passionate about blogging. You’d better quit now.

Laziness and Procrastination

Blogs fail due to laziness - Failed blogs
Anyone, no matter how hardworking tends to be lazy unnecessarily. It’s not anyone’s fault to be lazy and I have my reasons for that.
The fault resides in one’s inability to scheme out the appropriate time to rest… I tell everyone who meets me. I don’t believe in ‘Hardwork’, but rather what I named ‘Smartwork’. Hardwork doesn’t guarantee wealth, but Smart-work does. But you can’t be “smart-working” without being “hard-working” smartly. You understand better.
You know what? It still stems down to 24 hours in a day. If you love a stress-free life, there’s no problem. You’d just be smart with planning. But don’t b lazy because the more extra-relief you create for yourself during that creation of blogging the time, the lesser the conversion you should expect.
A bit of profit is better than none.
Just make sure you stick to your time and never procrastinate.
Just do it!

Poor Planning

If you want success from blogging, it’s important to follow a framework. Just as the graphical plan of a mansion you’re currently in now was drawn by the architects.
For instance, I planned to release a new blog content just once a week. This is very important because new audiences would get accustomed to that.
Another good instance is this: you writing lesser than you advertise your blog is better. In other words, for instance in a week, you decided that the least rate at which you must blog is once, and the least way you can apply in marketing is thrice. This instance will fast-track your blog to success and evict any blogging failure you see ahead.
Check how tight your schedules are in a week. Then adjust each day in a way that’ll leave at least 30mins for your blogging business.

Opening More Blogs Without Yet a Successful One

Failed blogs never concentrated to have one successful blog
Recently, I was added into a WhatsApp group where all are bloggers therein. There, I saw a chat course while a blogger boasted of bringing up blogs he was building, hoping to reach success in blogging soonest. I laughed right there I was sitting reading his chat. Because all those so-called developing blogs most likely will all fail.
If you’ve not yet built one blog to success, do not ever join another blog with it. When we don’t concentrate to build one successful blog, what could prompt us to start another side-blog?
Although, you might be sort of hardworking. But be very careful not to wear out if you go by this idea. Because you’ll wear yourself out! Lol!


Pride causes blogging failure
Some failed blogs which I know failed because the bloggers let that feeling of controlling an online platform overwhelm their main purposes of starting the blogs.
You see! The consequence of this is that you’d easily be frustrated to quit blogging when after few months, you discover that you are nothing yet. Smiles!
In fact, the pride behind the owners revered as “bloggers” prompts few to start a blog.
Fine! People place that prestige/honour to be there for those doing the hard online business, which they believe an ordinary person wouldn’t just start – blogging.
ALAS! Everyone wants to be extraordinary. Sigmund Freud has said that the three major driving force for anything a man does are sex, money, and honour. Well well, that honour seems to be there for bloggers(if really so)…
Blogging isn’t special. It’s just technical – just as driving a car requires some basic techniques. Remember the Manual cars versus the Automatic cars. They’re just like Hardworking versus Smart-working in blogging.
Just as other businesses could rever you so does blogging. Then why because of that blogger’s pride start a blog without having passion?
Sounds insane!
Nevertheless, it’s extremely important to avoid getting overwhelmed by the reputation of ‘a blogger’. It increases depression and makes you uncover the joy of real blogging colour.
In conclusion, the current living but failed blogs have bloggers who blog about what don’t work any longer. These are the hidden mistakes you are most likely not have yet met.
And stuffs like these that’ll help improve our online businesses are what we offer here weekly  in IdeaFlavour.
Hence, For you to make sure you don’t amazingly join the crowd of blogging failures, check yourself with these above which we released out of experience.

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  1. Wow wow wow….. You have said it all.

    These are what most people don’t know. They want to start now and make it big now, while copying others.

    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful post.

    • Favour Orobor Reply

      Nice article but most people can go into blogging not just because they want to blog but as a business where they buy the service of the Bloggers or even employed them.

      Blogging is a long time investment and it depends on how you approach it and how dedicated you are to it.

  2. Truely I do forward my work to another and say “hmm,i would do that tomorrow”

    But the most important you need to have a better tool for your work if you want to get the best

    Thanks for this tips

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