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It can be suicidal to wake up one morning to realize how your mainstream of survival dies down gradually. Yes!

Whose Writing business isn’t affected by that virus?

writing problems

But get something right: Some Writing biz got affected positively, while others, negatively. Unless you don’t make money by Writing(which you should; and don’t just sit and write poems and stories for your friends and family. They’ll give you no money).

Check out how much you’ve earned writing in the past 60 days of lockdown.

It affected me positively though. But I made a litte mistake. I got introduced to a Ponzi Scheme(Jumblebox) where I lost some $100. Yes, please learn from my foolishness. Ponzi Schemes wouldn’t help matters. I’m not going into that, yet.

$100 looks small, but that was the amount a US friend(Online Marketer), Fatima Al-Mazrui used to scale up to $1m in lesser than 90 days. I’m not going into that, yet.

What I want to share with you today is going to help your career as a Writer. And the good news is I’ve decided to update this Writers’ blog, every 2 days, henceforth.

Now, from what I’ve learnt from Copywriting since the past 4 years of experience, here are 3 vital issues Writers need to know, while the current pandemic makes pushing ahead difficult.

1. You Enjoy the Best Opportunity Ever

writing opportunities

Bad days are great opportunities to market your solution to solve that bad day.


When this pandemic make your going a bit hard as a Writer, you become emotionally active, overwhelmed, and depressed. This is when you don’t receive Freelance Writing Gigs or sell more books with your fiction publishers, etc.

Do you know this overwhelming state is a key to open your success door?

You’ll get me now.

Trends dominate the world. And they make up typically everything. Writers can solve problems in every trend. Identify your location in each trend, go there and offer a solution to that trend. Simple.

For instance, Nairaland, Medium, Quora, Reddit, and other online forums are presently on the lookout for benefiting Covid-19 issues and topics.

Package yourself as a brand. Create a thread there to consistently write on life-experiences of those who have the problem, for instance.

Advertise your skills or products on your signature or even in the content. It’s as simple as that.

Fine. It’s hard work. But you surely enjoy what you do, and you can scale up to tens of thousands in lesser than 2 hours. Speaking from my experience though.

2. You’d Make a lot of Money, and You may Lose from the Money Again

writing mistakes

Writers become aggressively emotional during this tough time to two issues:

  • To keep the money coming in(at all cost).
  • To help all those in need.

To keep the Money Coming in(at all costs)

I can still remember when I promised myself to never take Ponzi Schemes as a serious investment.

This was when I lost #20,000 to MMM in 2016. Now, I still dashed out money into the air. I know it’s not much. But it pained me.

Do you notice many Ponzi Schemes come up most often this time? Yes! Scammers see opportunities in problems and they  exploit these opportunities.

You know the funny thing? I counted about 5 different Writers who made the same mistake. Writers work with emotions. But you can control it.

And we tend to transmute the emotion to keep more money coming in. And those who aren’t careful might lose some money. We need to control our feelings well.

As a Writer too, like scammers, search for the gold in your soil, and refine it. You only need to change how you approach the media, because Writing is business. Don’t just sit and write poems and stories for your friends and family.

To Help all Those in Need

Help! Give! Support! I love it, and I do it. It’s important. At least, 10% of your income.

But we aren’t God. Or else, we’ll lose everything.

Yes, you definitely won’t like to see your fellow loved one die. But helping has limits. It’s important.

Then, money doesn’t grow in the bank. It devalues when you don’t invest it in your Writing Business.

3. You’d Become Lazy, Tired and Discouraged

writing laziness

Psychologically, Covid-19’s trend signals to our brain the need for the comfort zone.

It’s not your fault. We’re in it together. But do you know why this time gets us lazy, tired, and discouraged? It’s due to nothing but the love of comfort zone.

Lockdown is a trending consciousness that preaches health conveniences.

As writers, staying at our Comfort Zones and not putting into the right work would lead us to nowhere but liabilities.

Have fun. It’s important. But overdoing that graduates to a Comfort Zone.

Also, see How to Become a Medium: Develop Your Medium Abilities in 2020

Unfortunately, from idleness, the little money left on you might go down the drain of useless Twitter trends, Whatsapp statuses, etc. Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg aren’t giving us commissions for exhausting our subscription on them.

Here’s a Bottom Line

You can explore the world. Don’t just sit and write poems and stories for your friends and family. They won’t secure you your career. Writing isn’t only a hobby but a business called Content Marketing.

We’re all online. Trends will trend your Writing business when you get serious with trends.

Current trends will trend you when you mind your business, as a Writer.

Don’t waste away this trend’s opportunity.

We don’t want to waste our subscription on what don’t count.

Also, helping others relentlessly with caution secures the future.

We’re open to answer any question in the comment section below.

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