3 Shocking reasons why following Your Passion Can Forever Hurt You in Marketing

Why passion backfire and hurt you

That “passion” thing can actually end anyone up in a dungeon of poverty (and forever if care is not taken).

Modern days’ facts are so unbelievable. You can’t tell me that because one successful role model you follow made it up there, – you’ll also end up passing the same path, or a similar route. Reason is that before you can really make it, you must be dynamic and new in style.

The reason for this warning is not to discourage you from what you love to do, but just to make your both eyes are wide open and clear. In fact, passion is one of the best recommendations to succeed under entrepreneurship.

But you need to be very sensitive in this aspect of passion. Here in Ideaflavour, we make sure we season our flavour to a taste that sweetens your business and finance ideas.

I’ve administered many cases of so-called passionate clients. These people found the top so hard to survive with and through stubbornness on “I must be this” ended up labourers paid peanuts.

Recently, in California, a woman so passionate about acting films joined a theatrical academy after several countless auditions, stress, and disappointments. Could you imagine that despite dedicating a huge time and money applying for job, she ended up with a $80 salary – acting movies?

The remedy is simple. Just list your areas of interest in a sheet and research on which of them you should invest in online or offline by creating values through it ASAP.

After you might have made consistent business profits, you may now consider going into your passion (which won’t be a main survival channel)

Here are the 3 reasons why following your passion can backfire you:

1. Companies Where You Can Show Your Passion are Already Overcrowded

Only 3 main passion industries exist that most people crave for which are

Creativity: Performing, singing, writing, or visual arts);
Causes: Poverty, education, or the environment;
Entertainment: Broadcasting, sports, video games, or movies ); or glitz (fashion, event planning and
decoration) .

Unfortunately, most people apply for jobs in these fields and several employers in those areas pay employees chicken feeds and even sometimes treat employees poorly and with no respect.

So tell me what will make you different in that same employer’s face?

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2. Passion Will Make You Trust And Not Think Twice

You were well-known back then on campus for being the best rapper of the year. You even got a merit award.

Nice to hear!
You finished your degree and now starting a dream life you’ve told your fiancé about a long time ago. Just in the trap of not thinking about negatives involved.

I’m sure your girl(or is it guy?) also would’ve been pushing you up with “Yo! Yo! You’re the next Eminem!” lol

Chillax! It’s not your fault to be trapped by passion. Just only that you might end up suffering for the consequence of what I’ve just refused call your fault. 😂

Sincerely, passion won’t make you calculate on what these obvious negative outcomes of your actions will be. Passion makes you feel confident that whatever will be will be. After all, a consistent experience from this passion trains your ability the more and even sharpens your area of concentration. Perhaps, you won’t be set to welcome consequences. When consequences at last come unexpectedly, you end up wrecked and stranded.

Wait! Do you remember that you might even be facing these challenges already and thinking it’s one kind of village witch haunting your destiny. A victim might even be that uncalculated enough to go for a deliverance on a prayer mountain or fast for seven days. 😉😁😁

Passion makes you forget to question those successful in the areas to even tell you what you might face – that which they faced. And you won’t sensitively ask if it is a must you must follow your passion. But perhaps, your passion might work for you luckily. Although, the chance is slim these days.

3. Passion Exaggerates Just Too Much

You have passion for this girl and you can’t bear it no more. Alas! She’s unapproachable. I can bet you if at last you meet her in a restaurant, she sits obviously before you (maybe she waves at you). What kind of hell budget would hold you down from settling her bills?

Passion through exaggeration sucks and drains your bank account before you even take your pad to plan spending.

No matter how expensive her order is, you can go further getting a debt for just what passion is causing.

Will you let that I call passion a bastard?

Another sweet instance is when you see your colleague who wallows in poverty. And still endures to top the class.

You pretty know the folk survives well without your sponsor but one nonsense passion will make you forget that you also have plans to invest in a month to come.

Look at me. I don’t say you must be selfish here! You and I know pretty well that you also manage! Hell yeah!

You give? Then you should have planned with what you budgeted – a transactional motive of giving the needy.

Let’s be balanced. Passion sucks and drain what you’ve earned. Re train your plans here on how not to end up broke again.

Why following your passion can backfire and hurt you

Wrapping Up

Though, passion helps you navigate through the difficulties and discouragement met in life. If you can plan and think in a way that aligns your aim on a right track, nothing will be impossible for the accomplishment of what you are passionate for financially. But downsides are indispensable…

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