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When last did you taste honey?

How does it smell?

Are you aware you can colour your content ideas in way that’ll trap their minds?

But, do you really need to trap their attention to your contents?

They’ll pretty forget about your existence if you don’t hook them down.

Precious ideas rot like how our precious peacock stinks when it dies from suicide.

It choosing suicide isn’t our focus here. How premium flavour can polish your content idea is what I’m after here, in Ideaflavour.

Godwin Oluponmile.



You cannot book a session with Godwin Oluponmile and still remain the same. We've helped hundreds of freelance writers & bloggers become self-bosses... Godwin Oluponmile is a content marketing expert since 2017. He's a writing coach to hundreds of students learning content writing. With SEO posts, helped hundreds of small and large businesses hit the front page of Google where targeted thousands can access their products and services.

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