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Money rules in Monopoly

I was lucky to talk with wealthy people. The questions of the kind how do I make more money are always secondary. I in fact confirmed this in the money rules in Monopoly – a popular board game you don’t want to miss.

The best ways to make money are customized. I can tell one thing though: all the money rules are working.

Each of us is unique, and communication with money energy may and should be different for everyone. You should know and follow a few familiar places if you feel like making more money.

Money Rule in Monopoly Which I’ve Proved Amidst the Wealthy Entrepreneurs

1. There is always money. Even if there is no money!

You see! This belief is the cornerstone in this matter. Many people, either because of negative experiences or by suggesting others, decided that the opposite was exact. For instance  you could say my resources are limited or there’s no money left. You need to either fight in the blood, putting on it the entire life or learn what to do without it and consider the lack of money as usual.

It is this belief that provokes the lack of initiative and makes you fear to take risks, change job or ask for a promotion. It seems to you and me that superiors have too little money, or they are afraid to part with them, or they are going to get fired. So, as a result, employees refuse to ask for an increase in pay.

Big mistake.

You see, one of the NLP presuppositions says that the universe is friendly and full of resources. I know for sure that those who happened to have vast sum of money or just to never know poverty, live and think under the cover of this presupposition.

The attitude to money should be as to water coming out of the tap: even if the water supply is cut off, it is still somewhere out there. You will go out somewhere, talk to someone, do something, and it will happen!

How does it work?

There is no mystic, and everything is simple and clear:

  • If you are focused on no money, you will not even try to hammer out methods to get it (there is nothing to gain);
  • If some money is all you need, you are going to be focused on those possibilities, bringing you by some cash;
  • If enough money for your needs is all you think about, your brain will sort out all the possible options, and you will find them to provide yourself with everything you need.

The wealth will come from the outer world when it appears inside

Yes, physically money comes to us from the outside from other people. Yes, to get more money without depending upon somebody is impossible.

However, for the world to pay you and me as much as we want, it is necessary, yet broken record it might sound, you need begin with yourself.

Resting all the responsibility on for your financial state onto external circumstances, you remain that very rolling stone gathering no moss.

There is always something internal, which, meeting external circumstances, leads us to monetization with significant earnings. One is impossible without the other if you have

  • A stable feeling of your own poverty.
  • Thinking, that the world owes you just because you exist inside of you, you will not make much and will not become financially successful.
  • Someone might think “What about false stories about the generous universe?

Here in the first place, you need to understand, that generosity of the Universe is about limitedness of resources, but not about unthinking giving away.

It is a way to get something you need to give something: your skills, knowledge, and help. Something the Universe is ready to pay you for. Generously!

You only earn money in Your unique way. What is Your Place of Uniqueness ?

What gets away with one, can hurt the head of another. That for one person will be a ticket to a comfortable life, from another exhaust all the juice, leaving him with empty pockets.

And all because, trying to get rich, people do not agree on ways to make money with their individuality.

I will not tell you the news, but we are unique — each of us. Our characters and our experience give us an approximate picture of what works for us and what goes by for us. And if a person does not “recapture the receiver,” then he will not remain deaf to the feedback that the world gives him, including in a financial equivalent.

You can always make good money in your way, especially. Recall now the incidents from your life when you had cash “arrival” (donated, earned more, won). What preceded this? How did you think that you did?

Now, remember when the money “ran away” from you (lost, robbed, failed to pay the promise, etc.).
If one earned a lot of money through trading, it does not mean that you need to go there. If someone “halt” due to fraud, it does not mean that this will get away with the other.

If a person earns a lot of money working for a corporation, it does not say that you will have the same.
Only your own experience will tell you the direction that will help you earn more. Not the knowledge of Dale Carnegie, not the experience of Richard Branson and not the experience of your successful acquaintance.

It will only make your Personal Experience and your decision-making strategy.

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Determine for yourself where your personal “little money” begins and your personal “lot of money” ends.

A few factors define your commercial rate:

  • Values. If wealth and the benefits associated with it are not inclusive in the top of your charts of values, then you may be quite a bit. There are a lot of people, who could quickly get more, but creativity/cognition/family/volunteering is more important for them. And it seems like you want to eat delicious and branded things, but to sacrifice something for this is not.

It does not mean that you will not be able to earn more – there are many examples where people did not aim for big money, but they still came as one of the results of their activities. However, these are exceptions rather than the rule.

Most often, big money comes to those who cannot and do not want to endure hardship and discomfort. The higher the place in importance in the ranking of values in wealth, the higher your rate will be.

• Environment. If everyone in your environment gets 3 cents, you will be sure that this is normal. Yes, uncomfortable. Yes, on the verge of survival. However, Ok. After all, “so everyone lives.”

But do you know that getting 30 cents is not normal, although very cool, I guess. It is an illusion of reality, created by the edge that a person sees every day, perceiving it as the only thing that exists.

You must admit that it is difficult to earn a lot of money, considering that this is impossible – even if there is such an opportunity for a person, he will not also look at it. Rich celebrities seem characters from another universe, and, to some extent, the way it is. The same thing happens with a rich man reading reports about poor people.

Experience. If once you happened to earn $ 500 a day, then how would you not have to “financially fall,”?

You definitely can, always (!) return to that amount. Experience has raised your standard; it has transformed and become attainable for you. Besides, it already means that you can offer people something valuable.
Determine for yourself where your personal “little money” begins and your personal “lot of money” ends. How much per day, week, month, a year is “normal” for you? Without an understanding of this, you can hardly get close to the required amount and can earn more.

And remember: for someone, your average earnings will be only a bill for lunch in a restaurant. Think big!

Money attracts money

And lack of funds draws lack of funds. Law of Attraction? Maybe. “What was, what will be”? Most likely, so. Is it possible to earn a lot while in a commercial vacuum? Hardly.

That is why, if something fundamentally does not suit you in your life and, in particular, in your income, then it is time to change. Make an effort and go where there is more money and everything, as you want. At least for a while!

Where will you go if you want to increase your knowledge? There, where there is already a lot of them: university, courses, bookstores, websites with scientific articles and papers. You should do the same when the goal is to earn more, to become more prosperous.

You need to literally “carry out” yourself from the old and, possibly, moneyless environment to where wealth is a natural state of affairs, where there is a lot of it. When you return, you will experience life in a completely different way.

How can I do that:

• Find people who earn more than you, and communicate with them. There was a confirmation of the rule more than once in my life: we get as much as those with whom we communicate most. All the fault of the mirror neurons: they adopt the strategies of others, reflecting them.

And this concerns not only money but also looks, success in personal life. (The search for the answer to the question “How can I get such people interested?” remains)

• Save money and go where there is more money than where you are now. To another country, to another city, or simply to another, richer district. Visit expensive hotels; dine at least once in an expensive luxury restaurant. You have to feel what it is like to be in luxury.

Yes, there are charismatics from god-forgotten places, who can earn a million and create their own personal Dubai there.

They have some innate understanding of how and where to make big money. However, if you are not this charismatic, then the energy of your city will slow you down, no matter how many books and articles about “rich money” you read.

Therefore, go where there is the energy of wealth, the energy of money, and revel in it.

• Save money and buy a costly and high quality, preferably branded item. It can be not only clothes or shoes but also appliances, cosmetics, furniture. Why? It is a universal way to increase your rate and stop settling for the lesser and the worst.

When you become the owner of something high quality and expensive, it will be much more difficult to return to using cheap hacks. Also, such things are universal energy vehicles to the world of wealth. Checked!

You should want to make money, not just spend it.

Last but not least. Look, please, at the people around you: do their eyes light up when you think to spend money? If yes, then I will upset you: there are no potentially rich people in your environment.

Joy at the thought of spending money is not inherent in potentially rich people. However, for those who want to get more money than they receive now – completely.

Feel the difference for yourself: one wants to make a million dollars, the other wants to spend it. Who is more likely to have this million?
Did you catch yourself that you want to make more money to spend it on something? Not a big deal.

It is normal when the money comes to realize the goal. You need to admit to yourself honestly at what level of needs you are now, and that many of them are not yet satisfied. In the end, there are starting conditions to consider.


Remember that completely different motivators can only earn large sums of money: passion, the desire to create and get more, the desire to influence something in this world.

Kindly share these money rules in Monopoly board game to the media!


Melisa Marzett is a freelance writer who is currently working for bigpaperwriter.com and enjoys cooking. She is eager for two things in life, which are new guest post opportunities and new recipes.

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