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That horrible feeling before starting to write…

You said to yourself “2020 will be different“,

that.. you’ll read the more; write the more, and even publish a novel.

But, you feel it’s easy?

Yes it is. But probably not the way you think of. Aren’t you busy with day-to-day activities?

No, come on!

Because, those activities were stumbling blocks that affected you in 2019. Again, this year, they’ve begun pinning us down from fulfilling resolutions for 2020. Isn’t it?

Heck no! either we both like it or not, things must change.

Writing isn’t more tough than sitting down your butt, and type. In short, you just won’t finish that book, when you play with the following four reasons:

Starting a Novel With No Plan

Plan your novel storyline

You wouldn’t travel without a roadmap. You can end up lost.

Such applies to Writing too. Before writing, drafting out what I call “plot foundation” will be an engine oil that’ll grease your words flowing, without pot-holes.

To make your award-winning craft easier, gift your soul a glimpse of what the story end is all about… Or, unless you’ll become vulnerable to vampire breezes that infest on the bliss that inspired you to start.

Plan through Plotting. And plotting is into five sequential arrangements:





and then, Resolution.

  • Point introduces to your reader the brief framework of what they read. Your first two or three chapters are involved in this. To glue your readers down, show them suspense and enough powerful words in the first chapter.
  • Conflict introduces tension. The tension comes into existence due to misunderstandings between characters. Remember, be mindful of how you make your characters believable here.
  • Climax frightens your readers, like how you’d feel when you find a snake on your mattress in the midnight. Have you ever been bitten by a snake? The climax is that stage of intense tension that excites your readers the most. Create it.
  • Anti-climax is that sudden water splash on your tongue when you’re extremely thirsty. Probably a gradual solution to the problem on ground during Climax. Create it.
  • Resolution is your finishing stage.

When you start with “plot foundation” , you know where you’re heading to, and the breakthrough wouldn’t be hard.

You can start from the middle, that is ‘Climax’, to the start – Point; before the final Resolution. You can even take it from the Resolution to the beginning.

It’s big fun.

Planning a Novel Without Starting it

Don't roll on a plan spot. Start writing

You won’t finish your book when you decide to keep planning all days. You won’t.

But seriously, why would you finish what you don’t start? Procrastination is a devil here. It can always suck the strength in your determination.

Just start.

Not Vomiting Whatever Boils From Your Within

When last did you vomit?

You vomited all nutrients and germs or whatever, just to unleash whatever heck is in your bowels. Remember.

Eeerhm… Yes… That same approach works well with writing too. Write all witty and shitty expressions flowing through as you write.

Arts don’t become radiant with a first-hand approach.

And deleting errors without finishing everything will hook down your sweet flow. You won’t finish your book. Because you’ll get distracted by errors. Leave those errors. Come back to it after finishing.

When you keep adjusting wrongs, you’ll chase off beautiful breezes of award-winning ideas that’ll elevate you.

All first-time drafts are shitty. Immediately you begin writing, forget about the typos and blunders.

Shitty shits are witty when it comes to writing.

Keep pouring down the bombs. Keep exploding. After everything, you’ll edit.

Not Getting Yourself Around Like-minds

When I was still 5 years of age, Peter Idowu, a friend used to draw caricatures, that lifted our innocent hearts. Forget, our innocent hearts are still harmless. That was one of what flavoured my self-discovery in writing.

When you move with five billionaires, you’d be the sixth. When you often relate with five intelligent people, you’ll no doubt be the sixth intelligentsia.

When you move with five billionaires, you'd be the sixth. When you often relate with five intelligent people, you'll no doubt be the sixth intelligent.Click To Tweet

But when you mingle with people who aren’t of your area of interest, you’ll definitely be one of them languishing in distraction, or Writers’ Block being an excuse.

You know why?

Your subconsciousness leads your consciousness. Your character is shaped with who you’re surrounded with.

How reliable are those around you?

Do they like reading?

What if they’re the type who don’t linger to read your next poems or works? Don’t they hate writing?

Oh, maybe it’s time you switch your company because you’ve just understood another thing why you may not finish your novel, this year.

Who do you follow online?

How many improve-your-writing-skills blogs do you follow?.

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Shouldn’t we deceive each other…? Writing is the easiest thing to do, we both know. But it’s the hardest when we don’t take it as fun.

Plan, Start, Explode and Associate rightly, and you’ll finish an award-winning novel in the next few days.

We’ll regularly update this blog on how to grow your writing skills for opportunities. Happy new year!

When last were you inspired to write on something, and what stopped you from writing? Share in the comment box.


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