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Picture yourself sitting on a lounge, with your laptop, by this time December, 2020, reminiscing on how far you’ve successfully adjusted the priorities that distracted the writing plans you had for 2019. Because you’ve already tripled your income figure.

This was my experience.

Writing is life. We both know. But would you believe me that at certain times, writing could make your life so miserable?

I’ll reveal to you three killer strategies that were difficult for me to practice. Fortunately, it might not be hard for you. Because I’m a lazy brat. It really wasn’t an easy thing for me, but I never regretted committing myself to it and taking hardwork as fun. I had no option than to just do it. “Just do it”.

And a devastating mistake I made previous years was misplacing my priorities, for irrelevances – instead of a regular promotional writing schedule.

Let me begin with, what sort of thing do you write? For instance, I write, but I don’t publish novels yet. Even though I may, soonest, but you could (for instance) have promised your instincts that in 2019, you’d finish a prose fiction.

But could you?

Remember last year December… How you fantasized on how splendid this year’s December would be with bountiful upon marvelous breakthroughs, in the world of writing.

But here’s December now. Could those dreams come true?


But irrespective of whatever niche you write on, you can actually fast-track, sky-rocket or even quadruple your yield (which may be your online followership too), with these writing breakthrough practices that I think mysteriously worked for me in 2019.

Appreciate Whatever You Are, Currently

Writers breakthrough | Self Gratitude

When 2019’s January whispered me “hello”, my December expectations were a bit far from what I see right now. In fact, if not for procrastination that almost destroyed me this year, I think I should be close to attaining my aims.

But I suddenly realized that the more I appreciate the small whoever I am currently, the happier and more fulfilled I feel.

I went through some hells this year. No matter how 2019 was hot or cold, I am what I am right now. You are, what you are right now… Dear, there ain’t no good news better than that.

At least I can smile with my white teeth, glittering at my keyboard right now. With tears of joy currently rolling down my cheeks, that we both scaped through certain freaking waves.

And this is what actually matters, as much as we can smile, while we still have these teeth. As much as we keep smiling the teeth of our readers, to feel the joy of picturing a realistic but different world through what we write them. It’s fulfillment of your purpose, my dear brother.

My sis, I’ve never regretted taking the actions I highlighted in this article. Because it navigated me to a bit flourishing stage I am currently, in just 12 months ago.

Plan 2020’s Tools, Strategies and Principles NOW

Writers breakthrough | Planning

You know the problem? I get infected with procrastination syndrome when January creeps in and I’ve not planned for the year. That’s the problem sucking most writers.

  • Writing/Blogging Tools

Before 2020’s January 1 fully arrives, write down the tools you’ll use in writing and promoting what you write. The social media, email address opt-ins, email delivery tools, and several other unlimited resources for carrying out your promotion to expand your reader’s base. Now, is the best time to amend the mistakes you made this year under these 3 aspects:

  • Writing/Blogging Strategies

Strategies are the tactics we’d devise in marketing what we both write online.

Have you been thinking about paying for Facebook ads comes 2020?

Or is it the affordable way you need to devise?

Plan everything now.

How often would you be writing?

Are you to change your niche or further narrow it, since it didn’t work in 2019?

Or ain’t you even planning to tweak your strategy? Draft these things down.

  • Writing/Blogging Principles

Principles are factual truths and the bedrocks that uphold entrepreneurship.

Principles are what I respect the most. Because they don’t change. Strategies and tools are dynamic. But the truth doesn’t change.

For instance, no matter what, when we don’t key into the principle of give, give, give, before we ask, we both won’t grow. Just like how fruitless the opinion of starting a blog solely to make money, without highly prioritizing to sacrifice a dedicated readers’ unlimited free values.

Getting carried away births procrastination. In your principles, draft how strict you’ll be in getting things done. Include a consequence of not yielding to the discipline.

Writer’s block only becomes real when you make it real. Because the principle still remain unchanged that when you go meet inspiration at where it is, you’ll write the whole of earth. In fact, writing about how you suffer from Writer’s Block is gorgeous too.

Buy Your Copy of 2020’s Diary

Writers breakthrough | Daily diary

Do you know I can get you depressed right now?


Smiles. Just kidding! I can see you don’t want to be depressed.

Wait, let’s face reality. If we should calculate the whole time we’ve both exhausted with irrelevances for the past 12 months, you’ll regret ever being who you are, right now. You’ll get depressed.

But a daily and regular diary check, of every activities you carry out each day will make us sensible and conscious that we waste certain couple of hours doing nothing.

Not even sleeping, this time around. I mean, doing virtually nothing!

Incredible, isn’t it?

A diary is a daily log of experiences, especially those of the writer.

It blessed me a lot.

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Could you remember how Albert Einstein inferred how stupid it is to repeat the same actions and expect different results? Breaking through as a writer isn’t a child’s play.

And this is why we both should stop taking writing as a hobby. Writing is a business.

2020 may not only be the same as 2019, but even worse than any other year, if we don’t take these three issues seriously, being a writer.

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Happy new year in advance!


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