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Should I confess to you? I should ‘a written this since yesternight.  

You want to write, it only stays there, dancing in your brain like a flame. And the fat truth is: nobody will write it for you. Hell yeah! 

Procrastination slaughters our creativity when we don’t jail her. Sadly enough, you wouldn’t even notice that. 

When you delay writing, you subconsciously bark at your creative receptacles to relax and not wag its tail.

Have you ever asked why you could jump a high fence whenever a dog chases you? Oh, come on, hasn’t a dog chased you before? 

Yes, that tension hormone will bake a delicious cake for your readers, but the burning flame dies into thin air each time you procrastinate.

The bad news is we both can’t do without procrastination. But you can frown at it whenever it smiles at you.

At first, you can’t avoid this sexy murderer. Yes. It kills.

In other words, you can’t slaughter procrastination. You can only sentence this sexy murderer into life imprisonment.

But how? 

1. Dig Out What Makes you Procrastinate

As I speak to you, I’m sure you got things to do, but you just aren’t set to start, even when you can, now. Why? Could it be hunger, laziness, or anger? No, tell me.

writng procrastination

Funnily enough, we got no reason to procrastinate. We just sit and watch; waste hours scrolling through funny skits on Whatsapp statuses; enjoy funny Nairaland comments; exhaust gigabytes of data watching Facebook videos…

No, I do them too. I’m not against fun. What I’m particular about is what gives us both excuses to postpone what will secure our future. Procrastination doesn’t approach us suddenly when we balance things.

Many times, our phone’s notification top-bar distracts. How about the structure of your environment? Would you need to change the kind of people who surround you?

Check what made you delay what you should have finished. 

For instance, I asked myself why I delayed writing this post, and I realized it was due to my plan to sleep by 10.00 pm yesterday and wake up to it by 3:00 am. An emergency call woke me by 5:00 am. 

In short, I had to jail this procrastination. Here is Mr 10:11 am, giving me kudos for successfully jailing the sexy murderer I call procrastination. 

When we understand the root of the problem, we can calculate what weight of ax will demolish it.

2. Fire up Your Courage

writng courage

After grabbing what makes you delay writing on the neck, you can then drag him to the court of justice. Let’s not think too far, because you are your lawyer in the court here. Courage guards you from any attack. 

Courage makes you do what you are afraid to do. You were a bit fearful of putting things to doing for diverse reasons you’ve just grabbed on the neck. You can lit you courage by the following.

  • Ask, “Who do I need to become?” instead of, “What do I need to do?”
  • Think of how you’d view a friend in the same situation
  • Remind yourself often: “fear isn’t always helpful.”


If you’re waiting to feel more courageous before taking action, you’re going to be waiting a long time. In reality, the longer you wait before taking action, the less bold you’ll feel

Step outside your comfort zone, because YOU ARE COURAGEOUS. We aren’t slaves to idleness.

3. Restructure Your Timing

writing schedule

You’ve not only got hold of the criminal sending you the sexy murderer. You’re also married to courage. Now, you can take a walkout.

  • Breathe, and picture your future. Switch off your pc.
  • Slam off your phone, and get set to rearrange your laptop lifestyle.
  • Turn them on again, disable unnecessary notifications and uninstall useless apps.
  • Write a daily schedule. Set an alarm from your phone for each schedule.
  • Set what you’ll do within the next 24 hours. Do that again, and again.

That’s a great way to restructure your timing.

Bottom Line

It was tough for me. But you’ll be used to this strategy in a frame of three weeks.

Writing requires discipline. I decided to trace why most writers on my list find it tough winning clients or readership to their Writings. The truth is many of us don’t carry out our required actions. 

For instance, you might only read this and not do anything.

It’s more of a waste of time reading this when you wouldn’t take needed actions. And we can’t escape procrastination without them.


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