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Has anyone ever told you to stop wasting your time writing?

Weren’t you mocked by friends, before? That’s even manageable. How about your partner?

See, we have challenges to address as Writers. It’s a problem. Because what we’ll both be in the next five years depends on who surrounds us. And they can pull you off the course of the breakthrough.

shun discouragement

When those who surround you don’t support or encourage, 

Take Their Thought about you as a Rapist

How would you react to a friend who raped your sister? Yes! Picture their thought about your Writing as that rapist.

Because that thought can rape you of your treasure in Writing, you’ll suddenly feel indifferent towards Writing. Funnily enough, you’d think it’s right to quit Writing.

They’ll influence you with useless excuses to question your intuitions. You’d find yourself with baseless questions:

  • But aren’t they right?”
  • “Am I also making money(or much money) from this?”
  • “Who else reads again?”
  • “Isn’t it true people don’t appreciate my works?”
  • “Is there a future in this Writing shit?”
  • “What if I waste my time with Writing?”
Support yourself


I can bet nobody ever made me happy as I felt after finishing a poem, story or even just an article.

What sense is in running away from what makes us both happy? What’s life? No, tell me, what’s in this life?

Even if you don’t make money yet with Writing, does this credit their assertion towards our future? Ask them what’s their business has to do with our Writing. Why don’t they mind their business and leave us alone to waste our “precious time”?

I mean, why the hell would they decide my future for me?

Whenever anybody questions or discourages you from Writing, please take note of him.

Resist Bothering About Their Assertion about Writing

Please don’t take them seriously. Rather bother about what you like doing and don’t let any bad belle draw you back from helping people solve problems through Writing.

love what you write

Instead of wasting time to bother about distractions think, analyze, calculate, invent, and devise how you can build your tribe. I mean, find a niche you are best at, and create solutions to that niche. Write exhaustively on the niche and drive followership that seeks a solution in that niche.

To we who write stories, you don’t need to die-hard to get a publisher. The time we spend on Social Media can be used to build your authority amidst fiction readers. Look at Wattpad. Wattpad got millions of followership. Table your content before these followers.

Are you finding building a tribe difficult? Follow this blog. I’ll take you through the fundamentals.

Create an Imaginary Encourager

Have you ever fallen in love with your character? I mean, “fallen in love” such that you wish this gorgeous character is alive.

Poets understand how feasible you can create a human, even when you are not able to give life to it.

imaginary writing encourager

Henneke Duistermaat of Enchanting Marketing invented an invisible friend who pats her on the back. She’s named her “Henrietta”. Henrietta is everywhere dancing around her blog pages. She encourages Henneke to push ahead.

Even when your encourager isn’t alive, you can create one.

Only Defend, Don’t Fight

Writers are peacemakers. We build the nation. Hence, we must be diplomatic. We don’t quarrel or fight. Silence is the best answer, most times.

But times are when you’d convince them to respect your choice, just as they also have their independent choices to make. They sure can’t see the beauty and potentials in the world of Writing. And you can beam the shadow on their gazes.

Defend your choice to be a writer,

defend your writing

and make them envy your profession.

Switch that Environment

Writers quickly get emotional, and our hearts are flexible to change. It will help if you stay around Writers. It may be online. Mix with like-minds to dilute the order.

writing colleagues

To remain focused on the breakthrough in Writing, you have to scale up your writing prowess. You can easily flow up when you mingle with colleagues online, or offline.

Bottom Line

When you move with seven billionaires, you’ll become the 8th. But when you walk with 7 thousandaires, you’ll become the 8th.

All that means is that you should switch to where your colleagues are.

That alone is support. Leave the place of discouragement. For example, stay away from your partner if he doesn’t support or encourage you.

E get why!

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