Why You Have to Convert Your Skills Into Value (Your Roadmap To Success)

The ability to convert your skills into value is your ultimate guide into a lifetime success.

Play this scene in your head.

A Ford Mustang GT 500 revs its engine. The driver puts pressure on the gas, the car slowly moves until it reaches the top speed of 239 mph.


It races down the Tail of the Dragon road in North Carolina or Death Valley in Washington and it’s about to take that compulsory bend.

Just like the scenes we saw in Star Wars, Need for Speed, and Fast and Furious movies.

What I didn’t tell you was that the driver is an amateur who had only attempted driving in a small garage. He’s never even ridden on a public road before.

Can you predict the next scene when he takes that bend?

Disastrous eh?

That’s the way many folks wreck their career even before it starts.

An average man’s dream is to race down the highway but when you wake him up, he hasn’t even passed a driving test.

This average man wants to drift at the bend but has no hour of practice.

He loves the scenes in Hollywood movies but hasn’t seen any of the behind-the-scenes that shows how frustrated the producer was, because he could not pull the “Hollywood” move. He does not take note of how the producer kept trying and trying again till he got the job done.

He loves fantasies but his current reality has no preparation for the big pictures in his head.

This article will give you the roadmap to success by showing you why you need to convert your skill(s) into value.

Personal Development Converts Your Skills Into Value

Personal development maybe quite a painful task but it has more worth than a Ferrari or Antilia or even the Yatcht History Supreme. Just like gold can’t be refined except if it passes through the fire, you must pass through this same principle if you want to convert your skill into value.

Bruce Lee once said, “I fear the man who has practiced a kick 10,000 times more than a man who practiced 10,000 kicks once.”

Why? Because that man must have mastered every technique, velocity, force exerted, and the most vulnerable spot to hit between those 10,000 times.

Imagine the amount of pain the martial art students go through.

The man at the gym.

Or the athlete preparing for the Olympics.

We can’t celebrate victory without a scar. There is no glory without pain. A price must be paid.

Self-made billionaires work round the clock with only a few hours of sleep.

The professors at Harvard write thesis upon thesis with bloodshot eyes.

All these men do not enjoy the 8 hours of sleep recommended by the doctors.

Don’t go against your doctor. I mean, that’s why your doctor might remain a doctor all his life. Still, yet, we’re unsure if he himself keeps that recommendation.

You have to make up your mind to keep developing. No one is going to do that for you. Not even your high school teacher who was always chasing you around.

Personal development helps convert your skills into value.

And when this value is recognized, it creates a desire in the heart of people.

Value Creates Desire

Ever wondered why you’d pay a $5000 (VIP and travel cost inclusive) for a show that won’t last more than a night?

And yet you are not ready to spend such an amount on a webinar because it’s too expensive?

You almost went crazy the last time your favorite artist or celebrity came to town.

Ask yourself this question, what excites you when your favorite celebrity is coming to town. His person or his talent?

Have you gotten any answer?


Let’s say, for example, your favorite celebrity is an artist. If that artist was a golfer would you still hold him in that same regard?

Do you get the point now?

Most times we desire people because of their value and not their person.

And just in case you love hanging out with a person that’s fun and maybe super-rich. That’s value.

Value creates a desire in the heart of people that makes them sought after.

You must convert your skills into value.

People Can Go Any Mile To Satisfy Their Desire

Why do the deer pant by the waterside? Of course, to quench its thirst.

So do every human when they see value.

Notice that you could go any length for what you love. You could pay any amount without minding the consequences.

The power of desire is so strong that you can almost not resist it. When a man desires sex or drink, he could go the extra mile to get it even if it’s to cheat or betray his dearly beloved, that same person he swore to make happy all the rest of his life.

Take a look at this practical illustration, when a man sees a coke advert, the next thing you’d realize within a short while is that you’d end up seeing a bottle of coke in his hand.

What happened suddenly?

The bridge between these two realities is that the advert created a desire in his heart.

No wonder Coca-Cola is ready to spend nothing less than $4 billion on adverts, they understand this secret.

When people see your value they’re ready to go extra mile to get it.

They’re ready to put their card details when you demand it.

They’re ready to jump on that next plane when you invite them to a faraway city.

They’re ready to give their heart out because they must satisfy their desire.

It’s technically a “your money or your life scenario.” This time, they’re ready to give you both even without you pointing a gun at them.

Bottom Line

Back to our mind game, it’s easy for anyone to put their foot on the gas and move at full speed but taking that bend requires a lot of guts.

A lot of practice.

And a 100% conversion rate of skill into value.

The truth is, no sane person will give his Ford Mustang to an amateur to test run with except he’s seen him try that before.

And just in case he decides to give you because he’s blinded by trust, well, be ready to pay his car damage with your life.

Read it again. Literally!

This is why you must keep developing.

Development is like a building under construction, block upon block you begin to become visible to those afar.

Your perfection creates a desire in people’s hearts. At this point, you can get anything from them. This will be the reward for your years of hard work.

Don’t rush, don’t crash your career and don’t truncate your success curve, take time to keep practicing and developing till you become valuable.

Everyone has a skill or two (s)he has been developing. How’s the journey been like? You can share your experience, pain and highlights in the comment section. I’d love to hear from you.

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