ChatGPT Can Displace Your Writing Career If You Neglect These 3 Things

What inspired you to make money writing?

Artificial Intelligence is expected to displace 85 million jobs by 2025. Writing isn’t left out.

Robots aren’t as raw as humans, but when you look around, GPT3.0 writes robotically, as some writers would. Many writers still can’t write comprehensively as ChatGPT would when you give it a good content outline inquiry.

Last week, a tech writer in a Slack community sought advice on his pricing with a client who got what his tech market ‘really’ needs with ChatGPT. The client currently pays him 50% of the initial pricing agreement – because of ChatGPT’s wonder. That’s fine and healthy, and it feels good when your clients save more on budget. 

An anticipated tech evolvement only made robots replace the workforce. You don’t necessarily need a writer hired anymore to write your FAQs section. ChatGPT will do that wonderfully if post-2021 updates don’t bother your market.

Because AI is just at its early stage, any freelance writer who neglects these three should expect a shock:


I know you write well, but how many years of first-hand experience with a specific industry do you have? For instance, I wouldn’t say I’m the best in SEO, but I’ve been actively involved in SEO.

I’m still learning SEO, but when I write on SEO-focused topic problems, you’d notice a different energy from a fresh perspective.

You don’t want to compare such with the end-process from filtering between #1 and #6 on SERP to learn what to write.

Of course, we should inspect the winning content structuring on SERPs for SEO purposes, but rewriting what specialists (which we probably aren’t) wrote affects Google’s EEAT (Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness) penalty risk. It makes the text feel artificial in a way. That’s why OrginalityAI flags some of human texts. 

For instance, I have created websites and monetized them into profit through SEM. I have battled rigorous technicalities, link-building challenges, and CMS influence efforts. ChatGPT can’t tell these stories. 

You are also an expert in an area or industry. How about you look for opportunities in this area? Or maybe try to build an expertise in a specific industry. 

Only specialists will remain in the freelance writing business five years from now. Robots will only get better at filtering away writers who aren’t specialists.

Voice Identity

How peculiar are you with text?

I ghostwrote for certain colleagues long ago when I was in college, and folks told me they knew I wrote it. I challenged them for pointers that prove my writing voice, and they amazed me. I had already built a style of hypnosis. You dare not skip a sentence of a text I put so much effort into, or you’d risk some terrible anxiety.

A company working with your unique result-driving writing voice will avoid losing your voice to some lifeless material called a robot.

Is Augmented Reality the New Reality of the Ecommerce Marketplace?

How do you develop your unique style of writing? I’ll probably create a course soon, but creating uniqueness is simple. To build a voice, read and write more every day.

Have you discovered a writing voice?


Like I said to Jacalyn Beales a few days ago, “maybe the first successful human being by scientists will match“. We can’t expect emotionality and storytelling from a lifeless bot.

You’re a genius with limitless gems in your creative arsenal, but how often do we polish these creative potentials?

The reality is, ChatGPT writes better than some of us. It’s insulting. We improve drastically only when we do more; writing improves with regular practice.

Your ingenuity glitters like diamonds through storytelling techniques. Readers enjoy a text sprinkled with figures of speech. A fluff-free thought-led piece has this tempting aroma that makes you crave more.

So, here’s the thing:

 A 2020 survey from World Economic Forum confirms AI will eventually snatch most jobs in the coming decades, leaving us both wondering how to leverage that. Many writers are happy, but others are scared. 

Many writers who know their onions understand that AI only relieves workload because:

  • AI doesn’t understand the use of empathy, let alone inject emotions
  • AI doesn’t understand Unique Value Proposition – a crucial necessity for a brand
  • AI isn’t creative enough to invent promotional strategies writers inject into content distribution 

I constantly find myself thinking about leveraging the upcoming drama from tech. Seeing myriads of opportunities amid a chaos-looking situation sets us both apart.

Left to me, I’m happy about the trend because it’ll filter out the unserious. 

We’ll keep working hard and smartly to capture the future together.

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4 thoughts on “ChatGPT Can Displace Your Writing Career If You Neglect These 3 Things”

  1. Your style of sarcasm on wannabe writers in the introduction section nearly got me rolling on the floor ???????
    Thanks for this premium warning.

    1. Oh, you know I had no intention to mock intending writers. They probably need the awareness they have a lot to do. I’m also learning to improve my writing skills. And yes, realities appear humorous atimes, so I completely understand you. Thanks for the compliments, Oluwaseun.

  2. Abdulahi Opeyemi FALADE

    “For instance, I have created websites and monetized them into profit through SEM. I have experienced rigorous technicalities, link-building challenges, and CMS influence efforts. Would ChatGPT tell a story as I’d tell?”

    Based on the above quoted part, l want to express my view that ChatGPT is not meant to supplant your highlighted human inclined contribution and achievement.

    ChatGPT is just an approach to mimick writing better without human influence.

    Nothing will replace the position of human but we sometimes stress ourselves on things that doesn’t worth it. So, if AI could create such avenue, it will definitely help in writing Optimization; spending little time writing quality content.

    For me, ChatGPT could help to engage audience better by posting consistently especially at busy moments and when you need to multitask.

    Anyways, every individual should keep learning to become expert in their chosen career path. AI comes to stay and it will definitely results in survival for the fittest.

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