How to Land a Writing Client Even as a Beginner

If you’re a beginner in freelance writing, you (most likely) won’t escape the hell in landing a new client. But reading through this should quench the fire.

As a beginner writer, you have no byline in any reputable website. How would clients trust your promises in your pitches?

Every beginner writes dab posts before they improve through consistency. Sadly, no well-doing website accepts fluff as a guestpost.

Clients need more money from his content distribution through your talent. Having your posts rank within SERPs, for instance, proves you can attract target leads. It’s not that hard, you can do it.

Landing a client gets more competitive every year for beginners, but you’ll make that easy through these steps:

 Use a Platform

choose a platform

As a customer, you can’t buy foodstuff at a pleasing rate without hitting the market. You’d need to market your offer. But how qualitative is this writing offer?

For starters, freelance marketplaces like Upwork and Fiverr is good. You barely only need to sign up and follow the promptings to build a profile. You can spy on the freelance profiles of other professionals in you industry to know what works at the moment.

Network with Other Freelancers in your Niche


Since I began online marketing in 2017, nothing helped better than the influence from my colleagues. I already sealed millions in deals and got referrals that built sufficient proofs, testimonials, and experiences. Network with others in a common community. Share jobs, experiences, ideas, and issues you face.

 Get Testimonials

client feedback

Don’t miss feedbacks. When a client refuses to write you a feedback after being satisfied, try something: I hate doing this, and I rarely do it, but any client showing you indifference about giving you feedback, volunteer to help the client write the feedback, then send him to edit it to his taste.

Feedbacks/testimonials are priceless.

Read More


Reading shapens your language use. It also exposes you to a better understanding of the subject you’re reading on.

Write More

Jon Morrow, the CEO of Smartblogger, once said he improved his writing skill probably because he used to write every day for a year (at a stretch). Reading brings theoretical insights. Practising what you discovered will shape your experience.

I’d recommend publishing what you write as guestposts in websites so you can start building your bylines. You’d need to pitch websites of low to average Domain Authorities for easier content distribution exercise.

Bottom Line

Landing a new client as a freelancer may look hard due to the stress behind building a mind-blowing portfolio that’ll convince a potential client. But it only gets easier, especially with determination, consistency and dedication.

Following the strategies above will set your ball rolling.

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