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I’ll be honest with you. Getting your works read in this world full of noise is difficult. 

How you title your content determines how much engagement you’ll get for that content.

Because each of your content’s headline reflects its quality. We often neglect the headline during Writing. We assume it’s not important we spend hours (even) on the headline.

You can sacrifice weeks in creating your content. You can invest thousands of dollars to run Facebook or Google advertisements, to drive converting traffic. If your headline isn’t attractive enough, your efforts will bring poor results, and you’ll lose thousands.

I decided to study what catchy headlines convert for big blogs out there. I mean, several blogs accrue millions of dollars per month through Content Marketing, and I noticed certain title examples peculiar with these websites.

These guys follow a certain creative headline pattern in appearing their written contents before thousands, either free or paid. Catchy newsletter headlines, for example, are secrets easy to emulate.

I once used these catchy title examples secret freely on Nairaland Forum’s comment section to amass about one thousand visitors to my blog, in less than 50 minutes. And on that day, I had about ninety more email subscribers.

And today, I’ll show you four elevating secrets that’ll drive massive engagement to your writings.

How to Professionally Write a Catchy Headline

Catchy headlines

Splash a Taste on Your Title: Make it Sweet or Bitter

Scientists discovered that the human brain doesn’t easily detach its concentration from a taste. Appeal to the tongue of your readers with tasty words in the title. ‘Honey’ and ‘Aloe vera’ are two different taste words, for example. Tasty words that correlate with your topic’s essence will make your readers want to have a taste, if delicious; or force your readers to guide against the risk in bitterness or poison, for safety.

When you appeal to the sense of taste, with your headline, you make your content irresistible. It’s like a trap that entangles your reader. You don’t work on her consciousness this time around, but rather her subconscious part.

Have you ever caught a glimpse of a headline, locked your phone, and again rushed back to open the phone?

As a Travel writer, you decide to address some challenges Nigerians face, “5 Sour Experiences You Must Have When You Board a Motorbike“, will engage massive traffic.

Because you make your reader remember how bad he felt when he last tasted a sour stew.

Another person coming to Nigeria wouldn’t want to make another version of a sour taste.

Press Her Emotional Button

Imagine driving your reader to cry, with just your topic. Topics like:

  • What Helped Me Graduate With a First Class, With No Sponsor
  • How I Lost My Two Hands Two Days Before a Guitar Performance 

You know the truth? You can always make your headline emotionally inclined.

The worst? Spend hours tweaking your headline over and over again till it catches the depth of the soul.

Because you’ll generate hundreds of shares.

Everyone has emotions. Once you can click the button, with your headline, no one will hesitate about borrowing time (out of no time) to have a view on what a fellow is facing.

Have you ever wondered why people gather to view an accident scene even when they have nothing helpful for the casualties?

I once saw a terrible accident where over 80 people converged to poke their noses while watching the victim die. They kept clanging their dirty teeth with no assistance.

Just like that, they’ll want to poke their noses to see what’s actually going on in the details introduced by your emotional headline, too.

Strike That Curiosity Chord: Make Her Pant Like a Student Who Hears Exam Result is Out

Years ago, I knew how I felt when I received the call that UTME results are out. This was my third attempted exam. When your reader senses a piece of radical information about what majorly bothers her, she won’t think twice than to storm your content and share it with her colleagues on the media platforms.

Understand well what matters most to your readers. When you understand what matters to them; what takes their bigger fraction in a 24-hour day; what they crave, you’ll strike curiosity.

If you write fiction, a creative headline that’ll catch you entertainment-craving readers is:

“He Almost Raped His Dad. See What Actually Happened“.

This instance will make a fan of fiction rush to read a piece titled with such.

Make Your Headline as Short as Possible

The more concise you are, the more powerful your headline is. You can always shorten it effectively when you spend more time editing the headline.

How Much Bloggers Earn in 2020 [With Verified Proofs]


I once spent two days editing my headline.

When your title is not catchy enough, it already appeared elsewhere, before OR it makes no relevance.

Use numbers to show solid takeaways.

Employ emotional objectives to appeal to your reader’s challenge.

Just ensure you answer the question of what, why, how, or when as you make an audacious promise with your headline.

Have you ever spent a lot of time editing a title to make it catchy?

Comment below.


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