5 Strange Wonders That Happened to Me Since I Started Waking Up at 4am

Remember this cliché says “early bird catches the early worm“…

Hell with this worm though. I don’t do worms. All the best… Seriously, Can I ask you a question?

When did you wake up this morning? Try to recall…

If you answered that question, you just answered one of the powerful success secrets in whatever that you do to live.

See! I understand what you are saying…. Eeerm! Yes it’s difficult to wake up by 4.00am. It was also difficult for me too. Wait! Sleep is important. It’s in fact a tool which relieves stress and tension in business. But there’s a matter of concern here:

Before a year ago, I wasn’t as productive as massively as I was since 12 months ago. And I won’t lie to you, it clocked the same interval decided to change my sleeping and waking schedule.

Before you can wake at a designated time, alarm would sound, you’d beat off the alarm, probably sleep back and wake very late.

I remembered my former habits of waking early. It’s been damn tough. I had to force myself. But I discovered something – my mood and actions throughout recent days were top-notch compared to other years gone.

Thus, today, I’ll freely reveal to you just 4 lucrative secrets I’ve enjoyed behind waking up at 4am. Before I go on, you wouldn’t believe me that the dawn/very early morning is still the best time to work online if you have an online business.

If you don’t do the online, you’ll inspiringly draw a scale of “promo” strategies cheap and fast.

My Reasoning Seems Clean, Cool, Clear and Very Fast

Honestly, before I rearranged a priority to wake up very early in the dawn, I never got ideas as I get now. Ain’t going into that for now. But you see, just try me tomorrow if you’ve not yet been into this lucrative trick.

You know, just as Google freely streams helpful blog articles, so will nature enrich your ideas if you decide to work at this particular time.

I don’t know about you. But my thinking and productivity seems to get strengthened like a stronger Wi-Fi service to connect with at that time. I don’t know how to explain myself better.

But if you can just reschedule your evening activities, so that you can sleep earlier like 9.00pm – 10pm. It helped me to wake up earlier. There was a time I wrote a 3000 words draft between 4-6am.

Just as some claim about how high drugs make you reason better, tell them to try the early morning wake dose. It works like magic. I feel amazed, joyous and fired up.

Inspiration Comes to me Like a Mighty Rushing Wind

Have you ever journeyed on a night travel before? If not, try to remember how they promised its silent, peaceful and blissful. As much as nothing obstructs your pace while traveling, the natural breeze that whistle around in the night is amazing

Exactly how the above illustration paints in tour head, so does waking up very early in the morning at around 4—5am is. Every of your actions would glide across the country of inspiration that enchants your content marketing activities(for Bloggers).

As I type this, I’m typing around 4:15am. Yes! Because I’ve been very effective in every day I key into this secret, right from when I wake, till when I take my dinner.

Waking up at 4am

I’ll confess! I can count the days I slept like Tortoise and woke around 8-9, 10am. Those days never augured well for me. You know why? It’s either I miss my breakfast and be tempted to take junks that never go healthy as normal morning meal; Those days don’t get vibrant and the end as days I started with a positive vibe. There’s this vibe that comes with waking up very early

My Financial Expenses Cut Sporadically 

Nobody would teach you how easy it would be for your day to go. You won’t even have a clue to wake even at 10am because the more you sleep late, the more sleep you’d want… especially at weekends when you are free. But I noticed something changed in me!

The way at which I used to spend on food cut down . This is when I realized that getting those junks, regular restaurant breakfasts, etc… takes a lot from your and my pockets. My cooking skills grew and I started feeling the joy of getting to my kitchen to cook my food…

I switch my music on and voila the time to cook opens for me at around 5:30am and I finish everything that may have lasted me 8 hours with an affordable and quality energy. I do that with timing earlier!

This strategy of waking up very early at 4am (or thereabout) will fire you up to be very effective that day financially. The joy alone would spread through the whole remaining 18 hours of the day just as you smear jam round your bread tea.

I Become Happier on That Day

I don’t know why. But just as magic enchants, I become enchanted to joy, throughout that day. I don’t know about you. It’s thing of maturity. Especially when you see yourself active while others sleep. This happiness that you’re peculiar and committed stirs up an uproar of peace from inside of you.

You start with a happy day and believe me, you’d be happy for every rest of that day. I make more friends over the last couple of months. And I ain’t bragging, if course you know some positive parts of meeting new people… You as well know how happy and smiling heart attract more attention and sales.

I Become More Mature Throughout That Day I Wake Very Early

Remember some moments when you’d cringe over kidding unnecessarily. In fact, the rate at which my emotional intelligence work for that day is extra-impressive. I settle matters very softly…

Oh! This remind me of my recent discovery that people, especially harsh customers don’t just react badly to hurt you. Most times, they pass across their hot aggression. I didn’t read to discover this from any book. I discovered this by myself. My brain was calm that day to ask “why in the first place their act of insolence?”

After my answer, I’ll deal with that person, especially an enemy in the making. In a way that either chases them away totally or make them never want to leave me.

I’m glad for the thousands of people I’m proud to have won to my business side, as a result of waking up very earlier.

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This might seem unrealistic. Trust me, experiencing is believing. If you can set up an alarm, then sleep early… You may place at a corner of your room where you’d need to walk to, so that your face gets energized for the day.

IdeaFlavour says again that making money should be fun. Have a great financial day today! And waking up earlier shouldn’t necessarily be 4am, but as earlier as possible.

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